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Season: 2013

Falcon Lake

Guides’ Eyes is about the search for the best fishing guides in the Americas. This week, Byron Velvick enlists Lake Falcon guide Robert Amaya to hunt giant largemouth. The only problem is a cold front that has dropped normal temperatures which might make the bite slow. What does a guide do when the pressures on and the client still wants to go fishing? He makes it happen.

Florida Treasure Coast

Host Byron Velvick is searching for the best fishing guides in the country and what better place and time to find one than Stuart, Florida during the epic Mullet run along Florida’s Treasure Coast. With all the inshore species available on different tides, guide George Godz takes Byron all over to get a taste of all the species that are gorging on millions on mullet that are migrating through the area.

Lake Amistad

It’s all about finding the best fishing guides on the planet on some of the most legendary bucket list fisheries around. And this week host Byron Velvick finds guide T.R. Andreas to show him how to catch the “Amistad SLAM:” the white bass, the striped bass, and the largemouth bass all in one day. The action kicks off fast and the promise of fish tacos makes it that much more tasty.

Lake Okeechcobee

If ‘Guides’ Eyes’ is about finding the best fishing guides on the most historic waters, then enlisting 35-year veteran Steve Daniels to fish Lake Okeechobee in Florida is the right combination. But as a guide, if plan A doesn’t necessarily work, the stress of going to plan B can make or break a charter fishing guide’s day.

Mississippi Delta

Host Byron Velvick travels south in the winter and ends up at the end of the road at the historic Mississippi Delta and Venice, Louisiana. Finding a great guide isn’t hard at Venice Marina, it’s just a matter at what you want to catch. If the menu calls for giant redfish on light tackle, you can’t go wrong with Capt. Mike Frenette. Frenette takes Byron into the Louisiana Bayou for an old fashioned inshore beatdown.

Gulf of Mexico

‘Guides’ Eyes’ is all about finding the best fishing guides on the best waters and this week, Byron Velvick has found the operation in Venice, Louisiana. Guides Scott Sullivan and Rimmer Covington load up in the 39ft center console and head it offshore to hunt everything that lives in the Gulf. Everyday it’s something different but shrimp boats and oil rigs are some of the targets to pull on giant stubborn saltwater fish.

Offshore in Zancudo Lodge, Costa Rica

Guides' Eyes travels to the southernmost point in Costa Rica to stay at the Zancudo lodge, so Byron Velvick can fish with its fleet of expert guides. First, he heads offshore with Javier Chivarria, the Captain of the Guides at Zancudo. Big game fish like sailfish and dorado fly though the air when hooked up. And they find an amazing pod of dolphins over 200 strong that lead them through the fishing grounds.

Inshore in Zancudo Lodge, Costa Rica

On part 2 of Guides' Eyes' adventure in Costa Rica, Byron Velvick continues with search for amazing guides by going inshore with Capt. Tito Mendoza, one of Zancudo Lodges finest guides. Tito has a plan to target gigantic rooster fish, and the challenge is on.

Greers Ferry Lake, Arkansas

Byron Velvick heads to Heber Springs, Arkansas to hit Greers Ferry Lake, a reservoir with World Record bass and walleye. But this is early February, and Byron is counting on guide Cody Smith to guide him through tough weather, and find a beautiful assortment of spotted, smallmouth and largemouth bass.

Little Red River, Arkansas

Byron Velvick travels to Heber Springs, Arkansas to visit a fertile trout area along the Little Red River. Veteran guide Jeff Hawthorne opens Byron's eyes to the world of fly fishing.

White bass frenzy on Bull Shoals

Guide's Eyes goes umbrella rig, as Host Byron Velvick enlists a top local guide, Phil Stone, to show him the power of bass fishing's most controversial bait system.

Bed fishing onTable Rock Lake

Byron Velvick turns the tables on expert guide Eric Prey, and shows him why Byron is considered one of the best sight fisherman in bass fishing.

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