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Episode Guide

Season: 2015

Episode 501 - HeadHunting Colorado Elk

Randy, Nate and Friends chase bugling elk in Northern Colorado

Episode 502 - HeadHunting Elk

Randy and Nate finish up in Colorado and catch up on there previous NM Bow hunt.

Episode 503 - HeadHunting MT Whitetails

Randy and Nate hunt early Season Whitetails in MT with Big Sky Outfitters

Episode 504 - HeadHunting MT Whitetails Part 2

Randy and Nate finish there MT bowhunt and travel to WY to continue to chase Whitetails

Episode 505 - HeadHunting Wy Whitetails

Randy and Nate Chase early season whitetails at the Solitude Ranch in Wyoming

Episode 506 - HeadHunting KS Whitetails

Randy and Nate bowhunt big Midwest bucks in the heart of kansas with Triple Creek Outfitters

Episode 507 - HeadHunting Mo Whitetails

Randy and Nate hunt whitetails in Randy's Homestate of MO at Bee Rock Outdoor Adventures

Episode 508 - HeadHunting IL Whitetails

Randy and Nate hunt giant IL Bucks with Campbell Illinois Whitetails

Episode 509 - HeadHunting LA Whitetails

Randy and Nate meet up with the Busbices and Landry's in La for Whitetail Camp

Episode 510 - HeadHunting TX Whitetails

Randy and Nate finish in La with the Busbices then head to South Texas

Episode 511 - HeadHunting TX Whitetails Part 2

Randy and Nate finish there South Texas Hunt with Double T Outfitters

Episode 512 - HeadHunting Ducks and Turkeys

Randy and Nate Hunt Waterfowl in MO then turn to Turkey season

Episode 513 - HeadHunting Turkeys

Randy and Nate have a turkey throwdown in several states

Season: 2014

Episode 401 - New Mexico Elk

Randy and Nate chase bugling bulls in New Mexico.

Episode 402 - Montana Part 1

Randy, Nate, and Troy head to Big Sky Outfitters in Montana.

Episode 403 - Montana Part 2

Nate and Troy are at Big Sky Outfitters going after whitetails.

Episode 404 - Nebraska

This week, the team is at Heartland Pride Outfitters in Nebraska after whitetails. Then its off to Arkansas with the Snow Reapers after snow geese.

Episode 405 - South Dakota

Randy and Nate are in South Dakota at Western Ranch Outfitters after whitetails.

Episode 406 - New Jersey

Randy and Nate try their luck in New Jersey hunting whitetails, finishing strong with turkeys in Kansas and Louisiana.

Episode 407 - Iowa

Randy heads to Iowa to try his luck in the land of giants.

Episode 408 - Illinois

Randy and Nate are in Illinois for whitetails at South Fork Outfitting.

Episode 409 - Louisiana

Randy and Nate are hunting in Louisiana with the Busbice family.

Episode 410 - Louisiana Part 2

Jon Skidmore fills his Louisiana tag, while Randy and Nate head to Texas to hunt with good friend John Founerat.

Episode 411 - Texas

Randy and Nate are at Double T Outfitters in Del Rio, Texas,after whitetails.

Episode 412 - Arkansas

Randy and Nate are at Retriever Lodge in Dewitt, Arkansas, after waterfowl.

Episode 413 - Turkeys

This week, the team is hunting for turkeys in Tennessee and Missouri.

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