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Episode Guide

Season: 2015

Episode 801 - High Country

The guys are starting off the season with a tough challenge. One that consists of hiking mountains, sleeping in tents and steep terrain in pursuit of Utah Mule Deer in full velvet.

Episode 802 - Rusty Bottoms

New season, same location in North Dakota. This year the guys from Bowtech are joining the crew to hunt velvet whitetails at Central Dakota Lodge.

Episode 803 - The Good Life

Michael Hunsucker is making the annual trip to Deer Meadows Outfitters in Nebraska but this time it’s much earlier in the season. The bucks are together in bachelor groups and in full velvet.

Episode 804 - Craig's Place

Shawn Luchtel is traveling to Colorado to hunt with good friend Santino Castellanos of OuttaBounds. This early season mule deer hunt will be very similar to what Shawn is used to when hunting whitetails.

Episode 805 - Sacramento Screamers

Michael Hunsucker has his first-ever elk tag and is hunting with Sacramento Mountain Outfitters in New Mexico. Elk numbers are high on the ranch so Mike has high hopes for successful hunt.

Episode 806 - Fresh Start

Skyler Wirsig is kicking off his season in his home state of Missouri. The bucks are on early season patterns feeding on soybean fields.

Episode 807 - Fueling the Fire

Clayton Campbell and his daughter Addy are hunting together in their home state of Kansas. Over the years Addy has really taken a liking to bowhunting.  Her whitetail encounters are adding fuel to her fire.

Episode 808 - The Good Life II

Mike Wirsig and Shawn Luchtel are at Deer Meadows Outfitters in Nebraska.  Shawn knows what to expect going into this hunt, however, Mike is in pursuit of his first mule deer.

Episode 809 - 100

On the 100th episode of HB, we take a look back at some of the most incredible hunts and best moments from the previous 7 seasons of the show!

Episode 810 - Split Brow 9

Shawn Luchtel makes a trip to Northern Missouri in mid-October as deer movement is starting to pickup and bucks are establishing their territory.

Episode 811 - Scarface

The rut is kicking off and the bucks are beginning to get aggressive. Using a decoy this time of year could be the ticket to luring in a mature buck.

Episode 812 - Central Dakota

Nate’s waterfowl season has finally ended and he can change his focus to whitetails in North Dakota. Colder temps, frontal systems and the rut have deer activity at a high this time of year.

Episode 813 - Anika Gnala

Michael Hunsucker is hunting a familiar ranch in Wyoming - The Solitude. The weather is brutally cold for this time of year but the guys are determined to tough it out in search for a mature buck.

Episode 1 - NoDak

Yet another year starting off the season with Nate Flynn and Central Dakota Lodge hunting the pothole region of North Dakota. Trees are scarce, but big velvet bucks are plentiful.

Episode 2 - Solitude I

Mike, Shawn, and his dad Rex are headed west to Wyoming for an early season whitetail hunt with Mike Schmidt and Bob Lott of Intrepid Outdoors. The Solitude ranch has been managed for quality whitetails for several years now and is producing some record book deer for WY.

Episode 3 - Solitude II

Still in Wyoming at the Solitude Ranch the guys are trying to fill their tags as the bucks are starting to shed their velvet.

Episode 4 - Montana

Nate Flynn catches a break from the lodge in North Dakota and heads west for a high-country Montana elk hunt.

Episode 5 - Arizona

Shawn Luchtel and Mike Wirisg both drew the coveted Arizona elk tag. After waiting years for such an incredible opportunity, hopes are high for big bugling AZ bulls!

Episode 6 - Clover

The crew is back home getting everything ready for season and planting food plots to help produce some good early season hunting when the bucks are still grouped up and sticking to their summer patterns.

Episode 7 - Lull

With a successful early season under their belt, the guys hopes to continue their luck while hunting during one of the most difficult times of the season. Bucks are moving very little in daylight, but can still be caught close to their bedding area.

Episode 8 - Hook

Mike and Shawn are headed back to Western Nebraska to hunt with Scott Kuhn of Deer Meadows. This spot and stalk, sand-hill adventure is always a welcomed change from tree stand hunting in the Midwest.

Episode 9 - KS Surprise

Newest member and videographer for HB, Trent Siegle, takes a break from running the camera and tries his luck in front of the camera in his home state of Kansas.

Episode 10 - Young Gun

Youth hunter Clay Craft is hunting his home state of Kansas in hopes of filling his archery tag with another big buck.

Episode 11 - Rut

The rut is in full swing and the crew is hunting all across the Midwest trying to catch a crazed buck on his feet cruising….A lot of rattling, grunting and decoying this time of year.

Episode 12 - Fate

Skyler is headed east for his first ever hunt in the Buckeye state.

Episode 13 - Slick Willy

Clayton continues his 5 year quest for a giant KS buck he calls “Slick Willy”. With the rut winding down and the deer concentrating on food sources, this might be his best chance.

Season: 2014

Episode 1 - Homecoming

Skyler has drawn the desired Arizona tag and is traveling back to his home state to hunt elk.

Episode 2 - Missouri Management

The guys have their first hunt of the season on their farm in Northern Missouri.  They have intentions of lowering the doe population; however, Mike finds another option.

Episode 3 - Western Descent

Shawn and Rex trek west to Wyoming to hunt on the Buckhorn Ridge Ranch and the Solitude Ranch in a quest for deer. Whitetails and mule deer are both fair game!

Episode 4 - Next Generation

Up-and-comer Clay Craft is trying to kick off his season early in Kansas.  Alexa Easley is after her first buck with her father, Ty, before the season closes in Missouri.

Episode 5 - Sandhill Muley

Skyler and Mike make the annual trip to Western Nebraska to hunt with Scott Kuhn of Deer Meadows Outfitters.  Skyler is pursuing his first ever mule deer.

Episode 6 - Barbed Wire

Mike is walking the hills of Nebraska still after an elusive buck nicknamed "Barbed Wire."

Episode 7 - Dan

Missouri's season has begun, and Shawn is after a deer he has been scouting in his own backyard.  With ample amounts of food, his odds look very promising.

Episode 8 - On a Roll

Clayton is hunting his homestate of Kansas for a unique whitetail that has some mule deer characteristics. Will his lucky streak continue in the Sunflower State?

Episode 9 - Kansas Rut

Mike is after his first ever Kansas whitetail while sharing camp with Jake Beam of Bushnell Optics.

Episode 10 - Lucky Walnut

Follow Trent as he puts in hard work and finds luck in a walnut tree he knows all too well.

Episode 11 - Heathcoe

Late rut has begun in Missouri, and the bucks are scrambling to find the last does in heat.  Shawn is hunting near home, but changes plans and goes to Northern Missouri.

Episode 12 - All In

Skyler is wrapping up his whitetail season in Kansas with Clayton.  He's had little or no success for years. His luck is about to change with all his chips on the table!

Episode 13 - Migration

While most archery seasons have winded down, the crew is creating a new challenge of hunting Canada gesse with their bows.

Season: 2013


Mike Wirsig and Rex Luchtel join Mike as they kick off the season with the annual trip to North Dakota to hunt with good friend Nate Flynn of Central Dakota Lodge. With season opening on September 3rd this year the guys are hoping to catch a mature buck still holding velvet and sticking to his summer patterns.


Follow Mike and Shawn on their 3 year quest for an incredible buck nick-named ‘Junior’.

Early Season

The crew is back home in Missouri getting ready for deer season. Early season has been great to them in the past and this year was no different.

Head Hunters

Head Hunter’s Randy Birdsong joins Shawn on a trip to hunt early season whitetail with Clayton Miller in Central South Dakota.

Sandhill Mulies

Mike is headed west in pursuit of big mulies with Deer Meadows Outfitters. Follow Mike & guide, Jeremy Kuhn, as they spot & stalk the sandy hills of Western Nebraska.


The rut is heating up and Shawn is headed to Western Illinois to hunt with Clifford Neames of Quail Shed Lodge.

Crab Shack

Matt White is hunting his home territory of Central Kansas. With the rut just getting started, big bucks are sure to be checking the foodplots for receptive does.

Sacred Ground

Mike is headed back to Iowa to hunt with Whitetail Properties Auctioneers Jason Smith and Chad Freeberg on an incredible listing that hadn’t been legally hunted in almost 30 years.

Ground Attack

Nick White and his wife Dessiree get aggressive with some rutted up KS whitetails!


Scott White is hunting 20’ up in an old silo overlooking a lush Outfitters Choice foodplot.

Killer Cameraman

Ty Easley chases a 6.5 year old buck nick-named ‘The Scendero Buck’. Although ‘The Scendero Buck’ continues to give him the slip, several other nice bucks present opportunities for Ty’s cameraman. After holding out all November, Ty decides to fill his tag on any mature buck that presents an opportunity.


The crew is contributing to managing the deer herd all the way up until the last day of season.


After a long deer season the guys break out the goose decoys and give it a shot with the archery equipment. Small targets and lots of arrows!


As summer winds down, the crew is getting prepared for the upcoming season and the first trip of the year to North Dakota to hunt with Nate Flynn of Central Dakota Lodge. Shawn is up to bat this time and is trying to get his first ever velvet whitetail.

Western Challenge

Nick and Matt White head West to WY for the second leg of the Campbell Outdoor Challenge.


Skyler and Clayton road trip to Canada for the first ever moose hunt.


Shawn and Mike venture to Western Nebraska for their annual hunt with Deer Meadows Outfitters after a spot and stalk mule deer buck.

Clay Craft

Introducing Clay Craft - the newest member of the HB team and son of Whitetail Properties Land Specialist, Bryhn Craft.


Skyler and Clayton are hunting during the rut in Northern Missouri.


With October coming to an end, the guys are spending a lot of time in the tree all over the mid west waiting for the rut to break loose. Join Mike and Rex in the tree during that magic time!

Backyard Buck

After a tough trip to Iowa, Matt returns home to some good news on the trail cameras.

Muddy Junkyard

Shawn and Mike head north to hunt with the Muddy Outdoors crew in Iowa.

Silo II

Nick White is hunting in KS and ends up in a familiar blind where his brother Scott had some luck the year before.

Daddy Fat Sack

The rut is winding down and the deer are transitioning back to food sources. Several acres of standing beans prove to be a hot spot the first week of December.

Down to the Wire

Scott White has a tough time connecting during the rut in KS but redeems him self in the last few days of season.


The guys are hard after it thinning out the doe population on the properties with high deer densities.

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