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Season: 2014

Colorado Mule Deer

Host Joe Thomas travels to Colorado in search of a Giant Mule deer with his bow. A hunt full of Highs and Lows… Joe stays persistent and takes his biggest Mule Deer to date.

Argentina Red Stag

Host Joe Thomas travels South to Argentina for Free Range Red Stag during the peak of their roar. It’s fast paced action with a little twist on the last day hunt.

Northwest Territories Moose

Pro Staff Member Pat DeCastro travels to the Northwest Territories with his bow in search of Giant Yukon Moose with Arctic Red River Outfitters. The big bulls are in full rut and Pat takes the bull of a lifetime.

Arizona Black Bear

Host Joe Thomas heads to Arizona with friend and Outfitter Darin Emerald of Emerald Xtreme Adventures in search of early season Mule Deer with a bow. The Mule Deer aren’t cooperating, but Joe gets a surprise when they run across a giant Black Bear while hunting the High Country.

Ohio Whitetail

Host Joe Thomas stays put this week to hunt Big Buckeye Bucks with his bow in his home state of Ohio. Pro Staffer Chad McCoy arrows the buck of a lifetime, a giant 190 class typical in Ohio.

Montana Whitetails

Host Joe Thomas travels back to Montana to hunt with long time friend Jamin Krebs of Western Timberline Outfitters. The alfalfa fields… and the backcountry… are both green, causing Joe a little trouble in pinpointing a shooter buck. But in the end, patience and persistence pay off on a nice Whitetail with a bow.

Manitoba Caribou

Host Joe Thomas travels North to hunt Central Barren Ground Caribou in the peak of their Migration with Gangler’s Subarctic Hunting. He gets the opportunity at not 1, but 2 big Caribou with a bow.

Indiana Whitetail

Host Joe Thomas heads to The Hoosier state of Indiana in search of Giant Mid West Whitetails with a smoke pole. The weather and the deer aren’t cooperating, but Joe manages to pull it together and take an Indiana Ol’ Timer.

Arizona Coues Deer and Javelina

Host Joe Thomas is headed West for a Trifecta. Darin Emerald of Emerald Xtreme Adventures is back to put Joe in the Middle of a Deer, Javelina, and Mountain Lion trio hunt. It’s bitter cold, but the game is on the move.

Florida Gator and Hogs

Host Joe Thomas is headed to The Sunshine State to match wits with some big Feral Hogs and a Giant Alligator with his bow. The weathers hot, and so is the action.

New Mexico Elk

High Places camera crews tag along with Legendary Game Call Makers Harold Knight and David Hale on some fast paced, in your face, Elk action in New Mexico.

Really Big Whitetails

Pro Staff members Gerald Swindle, Branch Warren, and Ryan Smith chase Whitetails in Kentucky, Nebraska, and Missouri. Ryan Smith takes one of the biggest bucks ever arrowed on outdoor television. A buck he called Hightower, scoring over 214 inches.

Manitoba Black Bears

Host Joe Thomas takes a trip to Gangler’s Sub Arctic Hunting for some Black Bear Bruins. Joe takes a prize bear with his bow, but the big prize is a 7’2 taken by cameraman Ryan Thomas on a surprise hunt. It’s down and dirty bear action you don’t want to miss!

Season: 2013

New Zealand Tahr

Host Joe Thomas is in pursuit of a dream as he chases the mighty Himalayan Tahr with a bow, in the High Country of New Zealand.

BC Bears

Host Joe Thomas is pursing not 1, but 2 big bruins in the scenic landscape of British Columbia.

Granny Smith Mulies

Host Joe Thomas is hunting Big Mule Deer bucks in Colorado, but not in typical fashion.

Black Mountain Bulls

Host Jeff James is trying to keep it between the ditches as he pursues Big Bull Elk in New Mexico.

Big Sky Whitetails

Host Joe Thomas is in pursuit of some Alfalfa fed Whitetails in the Big Sky State of Montana.

Later than Sooner Whitetails Part 1

Host Jeff James is back in Oklahoma hoping for a little Whitetail déjà vu.

Later than Sooner Whitetails Part 2

Host Jeff James travels back to Oklahoma in the late season for one more try at a Big Sooner Whitetail.

Tri State Whitetails

Host Joe Thomas is on a mission to fill 3 tags in 3 states in only 2 weeks.

Corn Husker Bucks

Host Jeff James is on a roll in Nebraska as he punches not 1, but 2 tags on some big Corn Husker Bucks.

Here Comes the Rut

Host Jeff James travels back home for some November Rut action in Southern Illinois.

Iowa Bound Part 1

Host Jeff James is having trouble deciding on a Giant Buck as he hunts his lease in Iowa.

Iowa Bound Part 2

Host Jeff James is back on his lease in Iowa for the last days of archery season, and the Giants are still on their feet.

Putting In The Work

The Hosts of High Places aren’t the only ones putting out the effort each fall, High Places Pro Staff members get the job done to on Whitetails in KY, NB, and Ill.

Season: 2012

Early Season Whitetails

On this week's Scent-Lok's High Places, the team tries to pinpoint and pattern early season bucks in Kentucky and Kansas. Big Bucks are easy to pattern and still in bachelor groups, giving the hunter a little better odds. Heat, humidity, and biting bugs are all down sides to early season, but this doesn't keep the High Places crew from soaking up the sun. Jeff James and Dale Dunn head for opening day in Kansas while Gerald Swindle tries to knock down a velvet bruiser in Kentucky. A lot of HOT action, in more than one way… on Scent-Lok's High Places.


The allure of the mountains and the call of the wild is what drives the High Places Team in search of the great Wapiti. The sound of the bugling bull elk sends chills down thousands of hunters spines year after year. It’s this feeling that sends High Places Host Joe Thomas, and special guests David Hale and Harold Knight, to the great state of New Mexico in search of big bugling bulls... on this week's Scent-Lok’s High Places.

Once In A Lifetime Tags

Once In A Lifetime Tags are hard to come by. Some hunters put in their entire life and never draw a tag. This week on High Places… we travel with High Places Host Joe Thomas as he draws not one, but two, Once In A Lifetime Tags. He is in pursuit of a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep in New Mexico and Shiras Moose in Utah.

Mule Deer

Referred to as the Gray Ghost by most avid Western Hunters, the mule deer is always a priority for the High Places Team. Year after year, The High Places Crew travel West to match wits with the Allusive Gray Ghost. With the Prime Time’s to hunt Giant Mulies not coinciding with the Eastern Whitetails, this allows for the opportunity to fill an extra tag. This week Host Jeff James, and guest Brandon Buchanan, travel to Montana in search of a Big Mule Deer Buck. Then Special Guest Andy Morgan, of Moultrie’s The Hit List, heads to Colorado to take a crack at his first giant Velvet Muley. All this week... on High Places.

Food Sources

Year after year and time after time, Food Sources lay more Big Bucks on the ground than any other pattern. Whether it’s a specific Food Source and time of year, or pinpointing what the Does are using in the Rut, Food Sources are a key element to bagging and tagging a your buck each year. That’s why High Places Hosts Joe Thomas and Jeff James are keying on food plots to punch their tags this week. While Special Guest Gerald Swindle, of Moultrie’s The Hit List, keys on Mast Crop acorns to put his buck in the dirt. That’s this week… on High Places.

Sleeper States

Sleeper States is a common topic among all Whitetail Hunters these days. This week on High Places we take an in depth look at what some of these states are and what makes these states so good. Professional Bodybuilder Branch Warren, heads to Kentucky for a Bluegrass Bruiser. While Host Jeff James, and friend Brandon Buchanan, head to Oklahoma where they are even surprised at what’s living there. This week... on Scent-Lok’s High Places.

Bucket List Hunts

Nearly every hunter has one… The Bucket List. Whether it’s Yukon Moose, Mountain Caribou, Alaskan Brown Bears, or Boone and Crockett Whitetails, each hunter dreams of some day marking them off his list. High Places Host Joe Thomas started his list years ago. This week we’ll follow him as he scratches three off as he pursues Woodland and Mountain Caribou, and Cape Buffalo in Africa. All this week... on High Places.

I Made A Bad Shot

Every hunter has done it, but no ones like to talk about it… Making A Bad Shot. This week on Scent-Lok’s High Places we break down the do’s and don’ts of Making A Bad Shot. The things that may help you, WHEN it happens. Hosts Joe Thomas and Jeff James are in Kentucky, while Special Guest Andy Morgan is in North Dakota. This week... on High Places.

October Lull

October can be one of the best , or worst times for Whitetail Hunters acrossss the nation. Hunters talk about “The Lull” of October. This week our Team Members break down the month of October and what you can do to “Break The Lull”. Decrease in movement and changing patterns are just a few of the topics the Crew will hit on to increase your odds this fall. Hit List Hunter Andy Morgan heads to his lease in Nebraska while Game Call Pioneers Harold Knight and David Hale put em’ down in their home state of Kentucky. This week... on High Places.

Maximizing Hunts With Technology

Technology changes every day, not just in the modern day world, but in the outdoor lifestyle to. Nearly all hunters own one or two Game Cameras and most using aerial maps to break down there hunting spots. This week, Tech Savvy Branch Warren, Gerald Swindle, and Host Jeff James all use a little technology to pinpoint their quarry. That’s this week... on High Places.

Pre Rut

Deemed the best time to be in the woods by many hunters, the Pre Rut is full of anticipation and action. Cooling temperatures, frost on the ground, and bucks on there feet, is what brings whitetail hunters to leave family and food in search of that trophy, in a magical few weeks of excitement. Bucks are coming to calls and establishing dominance. Rattling, grunting, and decoying are just a few of the topics our High Places Team Members hit on as they discuss "The Pre Rut." Host Jeff James travels with friends, Brandon Buchanan and Dale Dunn, to Nebraska. While Hit List Host Chad Ritter embarks on one of his most memorable hunts ever. This week... on High Places.

The Rut

The Rut can be a double edge sword. New bucks showing up to your property daily while the bucks you’ve chased all fall wander to the neighbor’s farm. All day movement, scents, and phases of “The Rut” are some of the things The High Places Team keys on this week. Gerald Swindle gets to experience some hot and heavy action in Kansas, while fellow Hit Lister Chad Ritter heads to his favorite lease in Southern Illinois. Meanwhile High Places Host Jeff James is atop his Summit Stand in Iowa for some of the most fast paced action of the year. All coming up next... on High Places.

Hunting At Home

Year after year the High Places Crew travel across the country and world in search of their next hunt. This week they take it to the house for some of their most memorable hunts at home, remembering old times, and their time with family and friends. Host Joe Thomas in his home state of Ohio, while fellow Host Jeff James is Kentucky and Illinois.

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