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Episode Guide

Season: 2015

Episode 501 - The Nocturnal Edition

The guys head to Texas for a hog hunt with New Breed Archery owners and Chad heads to Florida on for some gator bait.

Episode 502 - Teddy Bears and Alligator Boots

Chad Ritter is in Florida trying to get his first Gator with a his New Breed. Then he is west bound to Washington state on the trail of a big bear.

Episode 503 - Adapt or Fall Off the Shank Train

Andy and Chad head to Nebraska for whitetails. They have their Moultrie pictures and a game plan, but we all know that whitetails can be unpredictable, even in early season.

Episode 504 - A Pair of Nines

Chad Ritter and Andy Morgan both stay in the Southern regions this week searching for big whitetails. Andy Morgan is hunting right out of his back door in the Appalachians of East Tennessee. To the South Chad Ritter is headed to Mississippi hoping to check his first Mississippi buck off of his hit list. This may not be known as a big buck state, but the Delta holds many secrets as Ritter sees.

Episode 505 - Shanking Through A Lull

Andy Morgan is hitting the woods running in Sturgis Kentucky at River Bend Whitetails. The Lull is here but don’t remind him, he is way behind on whitetail kills. Chad Ritter is back in his home state of Tennessee with the Moultrie’s running wide open, looking for any pre-rut activity. The small bucks are chasing and that just means he needs one big one to come dragging along for a Carbon Express shank kabob.

Episode 506 - Andy, Chad and the Beanstalk

Chad Ritter and Andy Morgan make camp in Ohio during the rut this week ready to take down the giants that call these woods home. It's all about funnels and pinch points, get between the bed and the food and let the Carbon Express eat. Ohio is a land where true freaks in the whitetail world roam and this week the proof is on your TV.

Episode 507 - Flexing Guns

Branch Warren is back and packing a Browning rifle to Kentucky for guns season. The Moultries are showing the proof the deer are here, now it’s just about getting the right buck to come by. In the end, Blake Mecham from Browning brings his own big guns to Kentucky to try his luck out. Who will flex the bigger guns?

Episode 508 - Sticks and Stones May Not… But Arrows and Lead?

Chad Ritter is hunting the rut in Western Kentucky, his number one go too spot; the does are hot and so is his muzzleloader ready to let the smoke pole go boom. Andy Morgan will be just to the north in Southern Illinois hunting where the hit list has taken more big deer than anywhere else, and several being absolute freaks of nature. It’s a freak whitetail edition using the New Breed and some black powder.

Episode 509 - Like Father, Like Daughter

It’s a Morgan duo from the planes of Nebraska, to the hills of Tennessee. Andy Morgan is in the Corn Husker State but his daughter Keely is way more pumped about the deer out her back door in Tennessee. It’s a show all about the Morgan family, but who packs more heat in the deer woods? Watch out, the East Tennesseans are armed and on the lookout.

Episode 510 - Picture Perfect

Andy Morgan has a lot of time to put his homework to good use to kill a rutting buck in the cornhusker state. He showed up and center punched the first shooter buck last week but what will a few more days turn into in Nebraska. To the Southeast, guest Russell Knight is back and hunting his home state of Tennessee. He knows these woods, he knows these deer, and he has been running the Moultrie’s since the summer; Ritter has shown us just how big the deer can grow in Tennessee, and Russell knows a thing or two about these big bucks as well.

Episode 511 - Hunting Kentucky with Knight and Hale

Knight and Hale are at it again in Kentucky; Harold Knight and David Hale put the dogs to work this week while using their Brownings to knock down the quail and run the rabbits wild.

Episode 512 - Rather Sooner than Later… Oklahoma

The guys are Oklahoma bound with some freak whitetails on their list. Andy Morgan and Chad Ritter are on the hunt and this state is showing no shortage of game to sit and wait on. Then for that extra bit of backup every hunter needs, Morgan brought the lead of the pack along for another ride, his daughter Keylee. Its a Browning take down in the state of Oklahoma. All next week on the Hit List.

Episode 513 - Finale Five

Five seasons of the Hit List have come and gone. There have been a lot of good times mixed with a lot bad times, but no matter what, many big deer have had their Moultrie picture taken for the last time. For the last episode of season, it’s a small flash back of some of the best hunts on the Hit list,: some fun, some serious, and some good memories from the past.

Season: 2014

Colorado, From Top to Bottom

Andy Morgan is joined by New Breed Archery Co-Owner Grady Phillips as they head west to Louisiana Purchase Ranch in Colorado each in search of their own Hit List Trophy’s.

Soybean Super Studs

Andy Morgan is Kentucky bound with five different Hit List studs showing up in one field on a early season pattern while Chad Ritter hops on board trying to scratch his first mark of the season in Tennessee.

The G-man's Start and Ritters Roll

Chad Ritter is staying put in Tennessee with high hopes of notching his 2nd Hit List buck off in the opening week of Tennessee. Gerald Swindle is headed west to the giant buck state of Kansas where his Moultrie’s are firing and the soybeans are turning.

The Hit List Hillbillies

Andy Morgan and posse’ are teaming up against East Tennessee Hit Listers and the show of the road this week will be his daughter Keylee.

Change In Plans

Gerald Swindle and Chad Ritter both hit the Volunteer state this week where the G-man's Moultries are showing true promise and Ritter is trying to hold his first ever Hit List Tennessee Trio.

No October Lull Here

Andy Morgan had headed way west to hit up his favorite farm in the big buck state of Nebraska while Chad Ritter heads to the Land of Lincoln where the corn just got cut and a few hit List giants are frequenting.

Hit List Hoosier Buck

Gerald Swindle along with New Breed Archery Co-Owner both head to Indiana this week, a sleeper state full of giant whitetails. Both have a lists made and both New Breeds in hand.

Kentucky Double Take

Gerald the G-man Swindle and Chad Ritter are both hitting up the Blue Grass state with a few well-known Hit List bucks of their own on their lists. Ritter with a New Breed and the G-man with a smoke pole, that’s a recipe for whitetail disasters.

Pre-Rut Gold

Back for another Nebraska Round Andy Morgan is hitting up the River bottoms looking to check off another Corn Husker buck while Branch Warren hits up Kentucky for the first time this season and the big man plans to knock some bone in the dirt.

All About Morgan

Andy Morgan heads to the Land of Lincoln, ALONE; with a New Breed and a Muzzleloader in tote and high hopes of filling two separate tags.

Hit List Buck North and South

Chad Ritter heads to the land where giant whitetails roam the most, Iowa. He is at the famed Timberghost Lodge hoping to fill a well awaited tag. Big man Branch Warren is back in the south again, this time headed to Gerald Swindle s farm trying to knock a hit list buck in the dirt behind the G-man's back.

Buckeye Bucks

Ohio is the name of the game for big freak whitetails this week. Chad Ritter and Gerald Swindle are hitting the woods running with summits in hand trying to put another mark beside their names.

Final Stand in the Land of Lincoln

Branch Warren and Chad Ritter are both in the land of Lincoln trying to put one last checkmark down on their list for the final hunt of the Hit List Season.

Season: 2013

Episode 1

It’s some off season fun and early season prep for the third year kick off of The Hit List.

Episode 2

Andy Morgan heads west to Colorado in search of a velvet mule deer while Gerald Swindle hits the heat of West Kentucky looking for his own velvet covered bone.

Episode 3

Andy Morgan and Chad Ritter fight heat, drought and disease in search of a big Nebraska Whitetail.

Episode 4

Headed home from the west, Andy Morgan and Chad Ritter stop in Kentucky to try their luck before Andy heads to hunt his own land in Tennessee and the G-man hunts southern Illinois looking for one of their many shooters.

Episode 5

From Illinois to Kentucky this week Andy Morgan and Chad Ritter are giving it their all knowing that with the little rain that is coming, things may look up.

Episode 6

Back for more Chad Ritter is sucking up his loses and trying another go around while Morgan continues to fight Illinois.

Episode 7

Morgan starts in Illinois and Swindle fallows close behind with a little help from his team mate.

Episode 8

Gerald Swindle is fallowing Andy’s guidance along with some trail camera pictures and hoping Nebraska will treat him good.

Episode 9

Staying in the east Andy and the G-man fight to make it happen in Missouri and Illinois.

Episode 10

This is an Iowa special this week with Ritter and Morgan as they both chase the world famous Iowa monsters.

Episode 11

Andy Morgan is back in Nebraska looking for some anything to help him out this season and Chad Ritter is hitting the woods hard with a muzzleloader.

Episode 12

From the East to the West the guys of the Hit List are at it all over the US this week looking for giant whitetails.

Episode 13

It’s time for the late season muzzleloader and the guys are getting done in Illinois while Swindle tries a little luck in Indiana.

Season: 2012

Episode 1

Hit List members Gerald Swindle, Andy Morgan, Chad Ritter and Tony Smotherman layout their season plans. Then Andy Morgan kicks it off heading west to Colorado to the Louisiana Purchase Ranch to hunt out a big mule deer.

Episode 2

The Plans have been made and licenses and tags bought, fallowing up with Andy Morgan in Colorado, he hunts for a giant mule deer in velvet on an early season bow hunt. East in Western Kentucky, Gerald Swindle is back at Riverbend Whitetails to see if he can look past the curse that has haunted all personalities who have hunted the land before.

Episode 3

Gerald Swindle is hunting the early season bucks in Kentucky at famous Riverbend Whitetails while Andy Morgan and Chad Ritter team up in the plains of North Dakota to try and get a mature whitetail into bow range.

Episode 4

Chad Ritter is back closer to home hunting in Kentucky while Andy Morgan heads straight south from the Dakotas and looks for a giant buck or two in his comfort zone of Nebraska.

Episode 5

Staying in Nebraska, Andy Morgan is sticking to what he knows hunting the river bottoms for some big mature antlers, and this time he even brings in help from friend Jason Gordon. Back east in Illinois Chad Ritter is out scouting, hunting and doing the entire teams homework on two of their favorite farms.

Episode 6

Gerald Swindle is not one to bring in help very often, but heading to a big buck country like Nebraska he has brought someone along to do the heavy lifting, fellow hit squad member Branch Warren.

Episode 7

In his home state of Tennessee, Chad Ritter has a muzzleloader in hand and is after one of the shooters he has showing up on trail camera. Andy Morgan heads to the famous Timberghost Outfitters after four years of waiting for his Iowa tag. And Gerald Swindle heads to Kansas for a hunt he's been waiting for all season.

Episode 8

Coming in with a late start in Tony Smotherman heading just North from his home state looking for that elusive whitetail in Kentucky and all the way out west in Nebraska, Gerald Swindle is back for his second round of the river bottom bucks.

Episode 9

With the Rut upon the Hit List hunters, Andy Morgan is in Illinois waiting on a doe to bring a trailing buck right under his stand and with rifle season in Kentucky opening up, Branch Warren has brought out his big guns as well to try and put a big buck in the dirt.

Episode 10

Not getting enough of western hunting in yet, Andy Morgan heads to Kansas hoping to stop a giant whitetail with his bow. Chad Ritter in back in Illinois on his favorite farm where he knows the big boys lurk.

Episode 11

Staying in Illinois, gun season is here and Chad Ritter plans on taking full advantage of it. Tony Smotherman is back again and is heading west to the western skirts of Oklahoma looking for a giant whitetail for his own personal record book.

Episode 12

Ready for the last mule deer hunt of the year, Gerald Swindle is headed to Colorado with the guys at Kiowa Creek outfitters. Tony Smotherman is in the cold state of Iowa where the Giants roam the most.

Episode 13

Andy Morgan and Gerald Swindle head to Illinois to get in the last hunt of the season teamed up together, then we will take a look to see who ended where and with what.

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