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Episode Guide

Season: 2015

Episode 3401 - Miculek Family Feud

Shooting's first family goes head-to-head in two-gun competition. Kay and Lena team up to take on Dad, the Smith & Wesson Pro Jerry Miculek. The competition is fierce as the Kay and Lena try to de-throne Jerry.  Plus The Master of the Longbow, Byron Ferguson, tries a new career as a Lumberjack, but only Byron splits wood like this.

Episode 3402 - Call Him 22 Plinkster

He's an online star. Now he's Impossible Shots newest team member.  .22 Plinkster makes his debut with a series of card shots that would impress everyone from Jerry Miculek to Annie Oakley.  One may leave you spinning.  Plus we dig into the archives for a classic shot from the late Bob Munden.

Episode 3403 - Jerry's Rapid Rimfire

Smith & Wesson Pro, Jerry Miculek is burning down steel plates with his M&P 15-22.  Jerry pushes the limits of his rifle, and himself with some of the fastest rimfire shooting in Impossible Shots history.  Then we're joined by Mr. Flintlock. George Sutton has a .50 caliber send-off for an old worn out camera. It's gear retirement Impossible Shots style.

Episode 3404 - Mr. Flintlock's Hair Cut

George Sutton is cutting hair. It's a close shave for Mr. Flintlock on a single strand of hair. A target so thin George isn't sure he can see it, let alone shoot it. Plus Master Gunfighter, Cisko combines speed and accuracy. It’s fast draw shooting from the world champ, but his target is only the size of a quarter.

Episode 3405 - Jerry's Balloons a Popping

Smith & Wesson Pro Jerry Miculek goes long range with one of the smallest semi-auto handguns available. It’s off-hand shooting at 200 yards with a .380 Bodyguard.  The result is hard to believe. 

Episode 3406 - Jerry's World Record Reloads

Smith & Wesson Pro Jerry Miculek attempts to set a new speed record with his revolver that may be the fastest reloads ever caught on camera.  Plus, Mr. Flintlock, George Sutton tries to flip a coin with a .50 caliber round ball.

Episode 3407 - Jerry's Pinky Challenge

Smith & Wesson Pro Jerry Miculek puts his pinky to the test in 50 yard precision shots with snub nosed revolvers and semi-autos.  Plus Jerry proves he's faster with his pinky than the rest of us are with our normal trigger fingers in a speed shooting challenge.

Episode 3408 - Chasing his Dream

Shotgun shooter Micah McMillan has risked everything to be on Impossible Shots. He tries an aerial shotgun version of an Annie Oakley shot hoping to become the next great exhibition shooter. Plus Byron Ferguson tries skeet shooting with his longbow.

Episode 3409 - Byron Vs. Robin Hood

Our Master of the longbow, Byron Ferguson, tries the hardest shot in all of archery, the Robin Hood. Byron attempts to split an arrow, end to end, with a broadhead tip. And Mr. Flintlock, George Sutton, deflects .50 caliber round balls to hit playing cards on the bounce.

Episode 3410 - Hoop Shooting

Shotgun Shooter Micah McMillan is sending tennis balls through hoops with his 12 gauge. 3 Gun Champion, Taran Butler, puts his AR on his hip for a speed challenge, and Master Gunfighter, Cisko, puts his fast draw speed up against his throwing arm racing knife and gun.

Season: 2014

Episode 3301 - Remembering Tom Knapp

We remember our late friend Tom Knapp, who died far too early at the age of 62. But we have Tom and his world record from our archives, talking about his life, his philosophy, and his work to become the best known exhibition shooter in the 21st century. And we'll hear from Tom's friends and those he influenced in his shooting career.

Episode 3303 - Long Range Armor

Smith & Wesson Shooting Team Captain, Julie Golob is ranging out. She’s using the compact M&P Shield for shots one football field away, and maybe even farther! Plus, Cowboy Fast Draw World Champion, Cisko, is fanning for speed, while tracking targets in the air. 

Episode 3304 - Jerry's Blind Reloads

Smith & Wesson Pro, Jerry Miculek, shows why he's the fastest revolver re-loader in history. Then Jerry tries the Impossible, shooting and reloading without looking, blindfolded.  Plus Randy Oitker proves he can shoot from any position with precision archery on his back.

Episode 3305 - The 460 Explosion

It’s the extremes of North and South. First we’re down in Louisiana with Smith & Wesson Pro shooter Jerry Miculek. So far this season Jerry has amazed us with speed rifle and speed revolver shooting, but this time Jerry’s going to need the big gun. Then a trip to the coast of Maine for Mr. Flintlock, George Sutton, to prove he can hit it even when he can’t see it.

Episode 3308 - History Reflected

Todd Jarrett plans to make history with a shooting first—two guns, two targets, and two mirrors. Todd's ready, but an unlikely problem could derail his run at making the history books. Then a classic shot from an old friend, Bob Munden with his Colt Single Action Army, shooting smaller and smaller aerial targets.

Episode 3311 - Todd The Tack-driver

Todd Jarett attempts the impossible, actually demonstrating why we call an accurate rifle a tack-driver. The target, driving a nail into a board. But Todd’s reaching back into history to do the shot with a lever gun. It’s not a rifle he’s shot before and not one known for high accuracy. Is that impossible?  We’ll find out.

Episode 3312 - A Tribute to Bob Munden

We pay tribute to the fastest gun who ever lived, remembering the late Bob Munden with some of his favorite shots, splitting playing cards in midair, shooting the fletching off an arrow, and many more.  Plus friends, family, pro shooters, and Bob, all tell the story of one of shooting’s greatest ambassadors.

Episode 3313 - Veteran's Day Encore – The Old Sniper

To honor all our Veterans, we return one WW-2 Sniper from the Battle of the Bulge to Fort Benning in Georgia to help him make a dream shot he couldn’t imagine in 1943, a head shot at 1,000 yards. He’ll have the help of the Army’s top team of snipers and their rifle to attempt the shot. It’s an encore performance that will leave you amazed.

Episode 3314 - Cisko's Split

Fast draw specialist Cisko tries splitting two playing cards in a row from the hip. Then Mr. Flintlock takes a tip from Jimmy Stewart and shoots targets through a washer.  And we reprise the late Bob Munden’s Classic Shot, opening a safety pin with a .45 caliber bullet.

Episode 3315 - 600 Yards of Bob

There's an old Montana legend about a cowboy shooting a deer at 600 yards with a handgun. Bob Munden looks to prove it’s true in a Classic Shot, 600 yards with a Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum on a steel target. And Mr. Flintlock is working on his favorite exhibition shot, cutting cards. The question is, how many can he cut with a single shot?

Episode 3316 - The Best of Speed Rifle

Smith & Wesson Pro Jerry Miculek loves getting new guns. This time Jerry's picked up a M&P 15-22 and breaks it in the only way he can, with blistering speed and incredible accuracy. Plus, Fast Draw Champion Cisko just wants to shoot like everyone else on the Impossible Shots Pro Team, so he dumps the wax bullets to load up with live ammo. It’s fast-draw action with flying lead.

Episode 3317 - Taran From the Hip

This time it's a trip to Hollywood California and the home range of Pro Shooter, Taran Butler. Anytime we work with Taran, we never know who might show up and throw some lead down range. This time its Josh Duhamel, star of the Transformers movies, tuning-up his gun handling for his next film. Then it's Taran's turn. His Impossible Shot is fast-draw, with his production Glock, at speeds you will not believe!

Episode 3318 - High Speed Aerials

Byron Ferguson shows us his most popular shots.  Shooting wood disks, plastic balls, and life savers out of the air with his longbow; but this time you’ll see everything in super slow-motion with a high speed camera.  Then Byron goes for the Impossible Shot, powdering an aspirin in the air. Plus Master Gunfighter Cisko tries fast draw action in the dark.  See how fast Cisko can shoot when the lights go out.

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