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Episode Guide

Season: 2016

Episode 1001 - Stalkin Speed Goats

Dave takes the "new guy," Dusty, to spot and stalk antelope in New Mexico.

Episode 1002 - Long Beard Luck

Dave makes a run from Kansas to Arkansas and, with turkeys everywhere, has trouble getting them in range.

Episode 1003 - Velvet Bows

Tim takes his daughter, Hannah, and does it again in Kansas and gets another velvet buck with giant brows.

Episode 1004 - Bears and Bows

The IOTV team is in Canada and the bears want to take their selfies.

Episode 1005 - Versa Max Smack

Tim and Dave are back in Virginia smackin' some turkeys.

Episode 1006 - Screamin Bulls Part 1

Dave and Tim are surrounded by elk in New Mexico and trying to close the deal.

Episode 1007 - Screamin Bulls Part 2

Dave and Tim end an exhausting week of chasing elk with two last day kills!

Season: 2015

Episode 901 - The Wide 8

Tim's daughter, Hannah, shoots a giant velvet buck at Wicked Outfitters in KS.

Episode 902 - Buck Country Bears Pt. 1

Tim and Dave take a group of Okies to bear hunt in Saskatchewan.

Episode 903 - Buck Country Bears Pt. 2

Tim and Dave take a group of Okies to bear hunt in Saskatchewan.

Episode 904 - East Coast Gobblers

Dave heads to his home state of VA for some east coast gobblers.

Episode 905 - T-Fork Bucks

Tim hunts T-Fork Outfitters in North Texas with his new Remington 700.

Episode 906 - 1st Timers

Dave takes some friends out for their very first turkey hunt.

Episode 907 - Ruttin Luck

Dave tests his luck during the rut in Kansas.

Episode 908 - A Wicked Buck

Tim hunts the rut in Kansas and it pays off with a wicked buck.

Season: 2014

Episode 6 - Hannah's Trophy

Tim's son gets his first turkey, and his daughter kills her first buck. Tips and insight on introducing kids to firearms and what a true trophy really is.

Episode 7 - Hot Kentucky Velvet Pt. 1

Tim bow hunts Kentucky in the heat of early September for a big velvet buck.

Episode 8 - Hot Kentucky Velvet Pt. 2

Tim finally gets the big velvet 10 pt. then films his cameraman get his first Kentucky buck.

Episode 9 - Oklahoma Bowfishing

To cure their summertime bowhunting blues, Tim and Dave hit the lake with Fired Up Outdoors for some bowfishing.

Episode 10 - Blizzard Buck

As the North Texas weather changes for the worse, Shane's luck changes for the better and the big bucks come out in the snow.

Episode 11 - Kansas Heartbreak

When incredible hunts end like this, it makes for a long ride home for Paul Bogart and Tim.

Episode 12 - Season of Misses

A real look at an epic season of heartbeat for the IOTV crew. Including a miss on an Iowa Booner.

Episode 13 - Tis the Season

Dave gets an early Christmas present in Mexico.

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