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Episode Guide

Season: 2014

Episode 1414 - Montana

This week, we are in Montana bow and rifle hunting for whitetail and elk.

Episode 1415 - Grizzly

This week, Jackie bow hunts the top of the food chain in Alaska.

Episode 1416 - MX/AL

This week, Jackie, Michael and a lucky sweepstakes winner hunt in Mexico for whitetail. Top outdoor celebrities participate in the first annual Squirrel master classic by Gamo in Alabama.

Episode 1417 - AL

This week, Mike and Bonnie McFarren join Jackie on the couch, and the Buckmasters team rifle and muzzleloader hunts Alabama whitetails.

Episode 1418 - NM Sweeps

This week, Chris Brackett joins Jackie with exciting bow hunts and another lucky sweepstakes winner in New Mexico.

Episode 1419 - AL

This week, the Headhunters team joins Jackie with an exciting South dakota bow hunt. Willie hunts Montana, and Jackie and Jacob Landry hunt end of season whitetails in Alabama.

Episode 1420 - KS/TX

This week, Jeff Danker and his daughter Jaylee join Jackie with an exciting first buck rifle hunt. 

Episode 1421 - MT

This week, Terry Rohm hunts Montana, Jackie has a Thanksgiving hunt in Montana and Jacob Landry goes to California for bear.

Episode 1422 - TX Sweeps

This week, Bill Jordan and his family joins Jackie and shares some family hunts. Then, Jackie and the sweepstakes winner hunts in Texas. 

Episode 1423 - AL Sweeps

Matt and Jessie Duff join Jackie and share some great hunts. Then its off to Alabama with Jackie and the sweepstakes winner. 

Episode 1424 - Classic Life Hunt

This week, Big Bill Busbice joins Jackie for the Classic Life Hunt.

Episode 1425 - LA Sweeps

This week, Jackie and a lucky sweepstakes winner hunt in Louisiana.

Episode 1426 - MT

This week, Willie Robertson joins Jackie in Montana to hunt whitetail.

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