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Episode Guide

Season: 2015

Episode 1201 - Rare Sights and Sounds in the Jungles of Cameroon

Jim travels to Cameroon to hunt with the pygmys in search of one of the most difficult animals to hunt in the dense jungle, the giant forest hog.

Episode 1202 - Spike Camp Moose Hunt in the Yukon

Jim and Eva head to the Yukon where Eva hunts moose during the rut.

Episode 1203 - Namibia Safari with Dad

Jim and Eva head to Namibia to go after the springbok and Kudu.

Episode 1204 - A Father Son Black Bear Hunt

Allen Tarpley purchases a donated hunt at SCI where Jim will be the guide. He brings his 10 year old son to hunt his very first black bear with Jim as his guide.

Episode 1205 - The Most under-rated Deer Hunting in the World: Australia

Jim, Loiuse and Eva travel to the outback of Australia to go after rusa and chital (axis) deer.

Episode 1206 - Whitetails Like You've Never Seen Them Before

Jim travels to Texas with his bow to go after whitetail deer in the rut.

Episode 1207 - Sheep Hunting in Iran

Jim heads to Iran to check out their conservation programs and to hunt the Kerman sheep and the Armenian Mouphlon.

Episode 1208 - Life of a Bear Guide

Follow one of Jim’s top guides, Mike Shroeder, as he guides for black bears in some of the most rugged country in the world: Vancouver Island.

Episode 1209 - The Antlered Slam in South Africa

Jim travels to South Africa with his bewitch and TC to go after some of the deer species over there.

Episode 1210 - Exploring the Yukon Wildlands

Jason Bruce travels to the Yukon to go after the giant Alaska Yukon moose and Grizzly Bear.

Episode 1211 - Her First Bowtech Whitetail Hunt

Eva heads to Saskatchewan, Canada, to go on her very first bow hunt for a whitetail deer.

Episode 1212 - One of the Most Remote Corners of the Earth: The Aleutian Islands

Jim Shockey’s crew flies to Aleutian Islands in Alaska as he goes after the largest “antlered compared to body size” big game animals in the world, the stunning and huge Alaskan reindeer. One of the most remote corners of the earth!

Episode 1213 - Adventures in Romania

Jim heads to Romania to hunt bear and chamois.

Season: 2014

Giant Red Stag with Eva Shockey and Friends

Come along as Eva heads to the land of rugby and kiwi birds - The South Pacific. See her stalk Red Stag in one of the most spectacular and beautiful hunting destinations in the world.

Yukon Boat Moose Hunting Extravaganza

This week we’re heading on a Yukon boat hunt in the famed Rogue River Outfitters hunting territory in the Yukon. Watch as a bull moose comes to within 10 yards!

Plains Bison: The Pre-Historic Beast

Jim takes you on a hunt to the northern mountains of British Colombia, one of the few places left on the planet where you can hunt 100% free ranging Bison. This is a throwback to the days of yore when these magnificent shaggy beasts freely wandered the lands of North America. Give me a home where the buffalo roam!

Hunting with Dad for Mountain Caribou

Jim and Eva head to the Yukon for an expedition in Jim’s Rogue River Outfitting area. Watch as they hunt one of the most beautiful and magnificent species in the world- the mighty mountain caribou!

The Eastern Cape

Come along as Jim heads to one of the most beautiful destinations in Africa – the Eastern Cape. Jim will be going after some unusual and 100% free ranging critters, animals you don’t normally see on television! The team is joined by a good friend and professional hunter, Russ Lovemore.

The Last Frontier in Africa

Jim and Louise travel to the Omo Valley of Ethiopia for a true hunting adventure. Come along as Jim hunts dik-dik and Grant’s gazelle in the land he calls a ‘must see’ for any fearless traveler!

Eva's First Black Bear with a Bow

The 8 million fans on her Facebook page will be thrilled! This show is all about Eva. Follow along on this retrospective of her bear-hunting career and watch as she goes after her very firt spot and stalk archery black bear.

Our Family Whitetail Stand

Join Jim as he goes archery hunting for whitetail deer at his family stand in Saskatchewan, Canada. For the first time, Jim will be hunting there without his father Hal. That being said, watch closely at the slow-motion flight of Jim’s arrow; Hal just might have been there to lend a helping hand. You have to see it to believe it!

Back Packing For Yukon Dall Sheep

This adventure was three years in the making. Jim heads to his Rogue River Outfitting Territory in the Yukon on a backpack hunt for a hybrid sheep known as the Fannin.

Danger in the Jungles of Cameroon

Join Jim on this incredible and fear-inspiring adventure! He travels to the wild jungles of Cameroon, West Africa. Here Jim will hunt a crazy animal called the Giant Forest Hog. And, one of the most dangerous hunts he’s ever attempted - the Pygmy Forest Elephant.

The Impossible Bull in the Impossible Place

It’s back to the Yukon in Jim’s Rogue River Outfitting territory to hunt the largest antlered animal in the world – The Alaskan Moose. Jim finds himself face to face with what could be the new muzzleloader world record bull moose.

Eva's First Dangerous Big Game Animal

It’s a Shockey family hunting adventure as Jim, Louise and Eva travel down under to the outback of Australia. Looking for fun, but they also found adventure along the way! Jim hunts the local Scrub Bull and Eva goes for her very first buffalo.

The Best and Worst of 2014

Its time for our favorite show of the year; a retrospective of all the best of, the worst of, and the footage we just couldn’t show you the first time around. In fact, we probably shouldn’t show it at all, but what the heck… In the name of fun, we’re going to anyway!

Season: 2013

Hal and Len Still Huntin' Giant Whitetails

This week we’re heading to Saskatchewan Canada with Hal and Len. At the age of 83 and 85, these two old gents are still at it. A $50 dollar bet on who get’s the “biggest” (heaviest) buck, this show is a classic that you don’t want to miss. It’s Nosler Time as Hal and Len drop both of their bucks dead in their tracks.

Yukon Giants in the Rut

This week we’re heading on a wild adventure to our Rogue River Outfitting territory in the Yukon. 12,000 square miles of absolute wilderness and animals that have never seen humans before. Jim will be looking for the giant Alaskan Yukon moose during the rut with his Bowtech.

An All Girls Alaska Adventure for Giant Reindeer

This week we’re heading to one of the most remote places on this planet, the Aleutian Islands. Eva and two of her girl friends are heading after the largest antlered big game animal compared to body size in the world, the reindeer.

Hunting is Fun, Texas

This week Jim and Eva are heading to the lone star state of Texas. They be hunting for whitetails and javalina, Jim with his Bowtech and Eva with her T/C. Hunting doesn’t get any more fun than this.

Spot & Stalking Giant Coastal Black Bears

Every year Jim donates a Vancouver Island coastal bear hunt to SCI. That hunt is than auctioned off at their National Convention and the funds raised go back into conservation. Part of the deal is that Jim will personally guide the auction winner. This week you’ll see how that most recent donated hunt turned out.

Stealthcam Bucks of the Cold Canadian North

This week we’re heading up to the cold wild lands of Saskatchewan, Canada. We’ll be taking you on three hunts. The first with a young man and his father, and the other two with two of our Shockey team members. All will be looking for big bucks that have been seen in the area on the Stealth cameras.


This week we’re heading on one of the most epic sheep hunts in world. We’re heading to Iran. You don’t want to miss this unbelievable adventure.

Hunting African Exotics in Texas

This week we’re heading on a hunt that will teach you a ton about the conservation of big game animals around the world and that is a lot of fun. We’re heading down to Texas to hunt African exotics.

A 3 Year Mountain Hunt for Bezoar Ibex in Turkey

This week Jim heads into the craggy mountains and peaks of the Asian country called Turkey. We’ll be going after one of the most beautiful animals in the world, an animal that basically snake bit Jim on his first two attempts. We’ll be hunting bezoar ibex.

World Class Mule Deer Hunting

Arguably one of the most difficult big game animals to hunt in North America is a 
World- class mule deer buck. This week we’re heading up to Saskatchewan, Canada to try for two such giant animals.

The Largest Predators in the World

This week we’re heading to the remote and rainforest covered territory of Vancouver Island. We’ll be in our Pacific Rim outfitting territory on three different spot and stalk hunts for the coastal bears that live there, one of the largest predators in the world.

Moose Meat and Potatoes

We’re heading into the remote Jim’s Rogue River Outfitting territory in the Yukon Canada on a “moose meat and potatoes” hunt. We’ll be looking for the largest antlered big game animal in North America, the Alaska Yukon Moose.

Colorado Pronghorn and Mule deer hunting

This week we’re heading to the aspen covered ridges and the sage covered plains of Colorado. We’ll be going after a couple of animals that one seldom sees us hunt on Hunting Adventures, the pronghorn antelope and the mule deer.

Season: 2012

Hunting Strange Animals in Paraguay

This week we head to the mosquito infested jungles and swamps of Paraguay. We’ll be hunting giant caiman, the red broket deer and an animal called a capybara.

Eva Shockey's First Yukon Hunt

This week we’re heading into the wild lands of the Yukon Territory in Canada to hunt in our Rogue River Outfitting area to hunt for giant Alaska Yukon moose and Mountain Caribou. The hunter will be Eva Shockey; it’s her first trip for either of those big game animals.

Hunting Roaring Elk Herds in Colorado with Dad

This week we’re heading to the famed Chicken Creek Ranch located in the beautiful aspen clad mountains of Colorado. We’ll be hunting for a species that you seldom see us hunting here on Hunting Adventures…the Rocky Mountain Elk. Eva will be the hunting her first elk ever.

Cave Monsters on the Pacific Rim

This week we’re heading to fame Vancouver Island to go after giant monster cave bears. The hunter is a good friend of ours, Nick Palco, who bought the hunt that Jim donated to SCI. A hunt where Jim guaranteed he’d be the guide…whether that’s a good thing or not…you’ll have to tune in to find out.

Traditional England Hunt for Deer with Fangs

This week we’re heading to England where will be going after some of the most unusual and free ranging deer species on this planet, the Reeve's muntjac, the Chinese water deer and the traditional English red stag.

Outer Mongolia Gobi Argali Sheep Hunt

This week’s unbelievable adventure takes us to the lad of Genghis Khan. We’ll be driving across the Gobi desert to go after the Gobi argali sheep. It’s a wild hunt in a wild land.

Her First Saskatchewan Whitetail

This week you’ll be following Eva and Jim over the course of two Saskatchewan whitetail seasons as she tries for her very fist Saskatchewan whitetail buck. It’s humbling experience as Eva learns that hunting is hunting no matter how well connected you are.

Antlered Giants in the Ring of Fire

Imaging a land sandwiched between the huge waves of the Bering Sea to the north and the gigantic Pacific Ocean to the south, a land half way between Alaska and Siberia…because that’s where we’re headed, to the Aleutian Islands to go after one of the most impressive antlered deer in the world, the reindeer.

Life of a Bear Guide

This week we’re heading to the primal temperate rainforest of Vancouver Island, home to the largest black bears in North America, bears that we call, cave bears. They’ve been insulated from the mainland black bears for over 400,000 years; you don’t want to miss this show.

The Most Unusual Little Big Game Species in the World: Ghana

This week we’re heading into the nearly impenetrable jungles of a country called Ghana on the coast of West Africa. We’ll be going after some of the most unusual little big game species, animals like the brushed tailed porcupine, the giant pouched rat and the black duiker.

Curly: Jim's 2011 Whitetail Season

Tag along with Jim in the cold province of Saskatchewan as he goes after a buck that he’s had on stealth cam for the past three years, a buck he named, Curly. He’ll be videoing himself with two cameras, he thinks it’s 10 out of 10 footage but his cameramen argue differently, you’ll have to watch the show and let Jim know what you think.

My Favorite Place in the World to Hunt: The Yukon

Jim’s cameraman/guide will be heading out into some country in the Yukon that never been hunted before. They’ll be looking for giant Alaska Yukon moose and huge Mountain caribou.

Outtakes, Bloopers, the Best & Worst of 2012

We’ll be going over the past 52 weeks of Hunting Adventures to re visit some of those hunts, to show you the best of times, the worst of times and some footage that we didn’t include the first time, it’s our best of the year 2012.

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