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Episode Guide

Season: 2014

Episode 1

Mike McFerrin, Bonnie McFerrin, and Dave Bogart journey to Alberta Canada. All three are seeking an Alberta Mulie of a lifetime.

Episode 2

Dave Bogart journeys to New Mexico seeking to take down a great looking Bull Elk. He has 8 days and must decide whether to shoot or hold out for a really big one. Then, back in Virginia, Eric Hale is preparing his 13-year-old daughter Lexi for an early season youth hunt. Having no luck last year, he believes that this is the year she finally gets it done. 

Episode 3

Mike McFerrin has waited patiently in Texas, for a buck he's named "Primetime", to mature for 5 years. Now, Mike is going to see if he can harvest this great looking buck. If he is able to succeed, this 5 year old buck, will be the most rewarding experience Mike has ever had. Then, Jacob Landry takes time away from hunting gators to shoot em' a big Ol' Texas Buck. 

Episode 4

Eric Hale and Chris Ward, two friends from Virginia, are armed with their bows in unfamiliar territory. They team up and attempt to double-down on two midwest Missouri whitetails.

Episode 5

Dave Bogart is in Iowa chasing after a great looking buck with his bow. After a rough start, Dave is patient enough to believe in second chances. Then, Chris Ward also believes in second chances as he had a history with a buck from 2009, and is surprised to finally piece together a story of a buck that had long been forgotten.

Episode 6

Eric Hale is in Iowa with his bow, hoping to knock down a monster Iowa buck that has eluded him for years now. This wiley buck has only shown up on a trailcam, so Eric is determined to finally take him out. Dave Bogart is in his home state of Illinois chasing after a great looking buck with his bow.

Episode 7

Dave Bogart and Justin Miller are heading west to Montana, in hopes of killing a whitetail with their muzzleloader. They quickly find out, Mule Deer outnumber the Whitetails and have to make a decision. Chris Ward is in Indiana with his muzzleloader seeking a mature buck in the Hoosier state.

Episode 8

Eric Hale and Bonnie McFerrin travel to Kansas, both are seeking to put a buck on the ground with their Traditions Muzzleloader.

Episode 9

It's Mike McFerrin's turn to put down a legendary buck in Kansas with his muzzleloader. Then, back in Texas, Mike's daughter Georgia-Kate is hunting for a buck of her own.

Episode 10

Mike McFerrin is in the deer mecca Iowa looking to knock down an Iowa bruiser with his Traditions Muzzleloader. Then, back in Texas, Mike's son Christian is hunting for a big Texas buck.

Episode 11

Bonnie McFerrin is in Iowa looking to know down an Iowa buck of her own. Then, back in Texas, Bonnie's daughter MaKenna, is out with her muzzleloader getting a chance to draw in a buck on the ranch.

Episode 12

Bonnie McFerrin is in Texas hoping to score a late season buck to wrap up her season. Bonnie's daughter Georgia-Kate, is on a mission to take out a wild hog.

Episode 13

Highlights and a recap of the The Legends Of The Fall season for 2014.

Season: 2013

Show 1

Bonnie McFerrin is in Alberta with her Elite bow hoping to kill a bigger Mule Deer than Mike did last year.

Show 2

Dave Bogart and his buddy Justin Miller both try to score Montana whitetails with their Elite bow. Then, Mike McFerrin waits out until the last day to kill a big Kansas buck with his Traditions muzzleloader.

Show 3

Bonnie McFerrin has a couple of Elk encounters in Arizona. But Mike McFerrin gets too close for comfort when he comes face to face with an Elk with his Elite bow in hand.

Show 4

Dave Bogart and his friend Justin Miller are hunting for Mule deer in Alberta with their Elite bows. Meanwhile, Eric Hale is putting in all of the hard work to kill a mountain running buck in his home state of Virginia with his Elite bow in hand.

Show 5

Mike McFerrin is in his home state of Texas waiting to sling a Carbon Express arrow at a big Texas buck.

Show 6

Dave Bogart is in Illinois ready tag a nice buck with the help from his Elite bow. Meanwhile, Bonnie is in Texas hoping to shoot a Carbon Express arrow at a big home state buck.

Show 7

Chris Ward is in Iowa wanting to kill a big bruiser with his Elite bow. Dave Bogart is in Colorado readying his Traditions muzzleloader to unleash a cloud of smoke at a big Colorado whitetail.

Show 8

Mike McFerrin is in Iowa with his Elite bow hoping to kill a big bruiser of a buck. Eric Hale, with his Elite bow in hand, is also in Iowa hoping to double up.

Show 9

Bonnie McFerrin is in Iowa ready to sling a Carbon Express at a big Iowa buck.

Show 10

Eric Hale is taking his traditional trip to Kansas with his Traditions muzzleloader in his back seat. He's hoping to return with a buck in the back of his truck. Chris Ward is also hunting with Eric but isn't feeling so lucky.

Show 11

Mike and Bonnie McFerrin's daughter MaKenna, is out in their home state of Texas aiming to kill a big buck with her Traditions muzzleloader.

Show 12

Mike McFerrin is on varmint control in Texas with his Rock River Arms hunting rifle.

Show 13

Bonnie McFerrin is in Texas with her Traditions muzzleloader ready to wrap up the year with a buck at the end of the season.

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