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Season: 2016

Episode 1601 - Laying the Groundwork

Bo Morgan and Rob Dunham each arrive on the scene for their latest new offerings for conservation hunting while James Brion is distracted by a lucky public land tag draw.

Episode 1602 - When the Chips Are Down

Half a world apart, Bo Morgan and Rob Dunham help their clients through unforeseen problems that threaten to derail their hunts. James Brion continues the hunt for an elusive bull elk in Utah and finds a beauty…but something beats him to it.

Episode 1603 - That's the Breaks

Rob Dunham searches for answers to get his client's hunt back on track. Bo Morgan's markhor hunt is challenged by language barriers and a missing rifle; back in the States, James Brion's elk hunt ends with a twist.

Episode 1604 - When It All Comes Together

Bo Morgan's client culminates his hunt for a world record markhor. Rob Dunham's client finally shakes the jinx that has been following him while James Brion is stuck on the sidelines.

Episode 1605 - High Stakes

With only one day left, Rob’s client searches for sable. Bo starts his quest for ibex in the treacherous mountains of Tajikistan. James finds a new challenge back in Montana and is up against the clock to be able to continue his season and his career.

Episode 1606 - Testing the Limits

Rob's client finishes the hunt of his dreams. Bo's turn behind the trigger puts his skills to the test. James tries to convince his physical therapist to sign off on his next trek.

Episode 1607 - Edge of Adventure

Bo Morgan wraps up his hunt for Bukharan ibex while James Brion starts his first hunt on a new knee in Russia. Rob Dunham starts his journey in Cameroon, a world away from home.

Episode 1608 - The Bigs

Bo starts his trek deep into the mountains of Nepal. The early stages of James's hunt for Kuban tur in the Caucaus Mountains brings a dose of reality. In Cameroon, Rob hunts one of the jungles's smallest creatures with a Pymy tracker.

Episode 1609 - Patience Is a Virtue

Rob Dunham starts his search for sitatunga in Cameroon. Bo Morgan and James Brion both suffer the challenges of hunting wary high mountain quarry.

Episode 1610 - Rare Breeds

Bo Morgan's hunt for Himalayan tahr culminates in Nepal. James continues to battle the terrain and the elements in Russia in search of the elusive Kuban tur. Rob Dunham's jungle hunt for sitatunga brings him closer to another jungle dweller.

Season: 2015

Episode 601 - Newfoundland Caribou 1

James Brion ventures east to Newfoundland in pursuit of woodland caribou in the rut.

Episode 602 - Newfoundland Caribou 2

James Brion continues his quest for woodland caribou in Newfoundland, while on the other end of Canada, Rob Dunham heads deep into the bush for Canadian moose.

Episode 603 - The Time is Right! Rutting Moose in British Columbia

With the moose rut in full swing, Magnum hunt club members join Rob Dunham in British Columbia on a remote wilderness hunt.

Episode 604 - Mexico Desert Sheep

Rob Dunham and his hunting buddy head south of the border in search of big desert sheep and mule deer.

Episode 605 - Spain Ibex 1

Tim Herald and Gary Joseph team up on an unforgettable hunt for two of Spain's majestic ibex species.

Episode 606 - Spain Ibex 2

Tim Herald and Gary Joseph continue their journey through Spain in pursuit of ibex, sampling regional culinary pleasures along the way.

Episode 607 - Mountain King Ranch

Join Team Magnum's Tim Herald, James Brion, Gary Joseph and Rob Dunham as we travel the world searching for the biggest and most majestic game on the planet.

Episode 608 - Buffalo Down Under Part 1

Episode 609 - Buffalo Down Under Part 2

Episode 610 - France Roe Deer

Episode 611 - Unique Mozambique

Episode 612 - Desert to the Mountains

Rob returns to hunt a giant desert mule deer. Paella dinner. In Alaska, Gary kills a mountain goat.

Episode 613 - Spain Ibex Part 3

Travel to Almeria in Southeast Spain, visiting bull fighting country along the way. Tim kills a great southeast ibex in the snow covered mountainside.

Season: 2014

Episode 501 - Stone Mountain Trilogy, Part 1

James Brion returns to Stone Mountain Safaris, with a pocket full of tags for an epic combination hunt in remote wilderness.

Episode 502 - Stone Mountain Trilogy, Part 2

James Brion continues his combination hunt with Stone Mountain Safaris, hunting inland grizzly and Canadian moose.

Episode 503 - Stone Mountain Trilogy, Part 3

James Brion's British Columbia combination hunt concludes this week with a grueling Rocky Mountain goat hunt.

Episode 504 - Dunham's Africa Safaris, Part 1

Rob Dunham leads a Magnum Hosted Hunt for dangerous game, based out of his brand new tent camp in Zimbabwe with Dunhams The Hunting Adventure Company.

Episode 505 - Dunham's Africa Safaris, Part 2

Rob Dunham travels through Victoria Falls landmarks, and hunts elephant in Zimbabwe.

Episode 506 - Wildest Africa, Part 1

Tim Herald returns to Kambako Safaris in Mozambique on his quest for a truly wild, mature African lion.

Episode 507 - Wildest Africa, Part 2

Tim Herald continues his quest for a wild African lion... But the hunt comes to a shocking halt when the unthinkable happens.

Episode 508 - It Isn't All Roses

A special look at some of Magnum's misadventures, illustrating that making outdoor television isn't all roses.

Episode 509 - Bugling Bulls of New Mexico

Gary Joseph returns to New Mexico's Unit 16, to finish what he started a year ago.

Episode 510 - Coming Back to Kambako, Part 1

Tim Herald returns to Mozambique to continue his quest for a Wild African Lion, as well as plains game and buffalo with Kambako Safaris.

Episode 511 - Coming Back to Kambako, Part 2

Will Tim Herald's lifelong dream of taking a wild African lion finally come to fruition, with Kambako Safaris?

Episode 512 - Team Jack

GobblenGrunt Outfitters hosts a whitetail hunt to benefit Team Jack Foundation's efforts to fund research for pediatric brain cancer.

Episode 513 - "Sneak Preview"

A sneak peak at all new episodes we're working on for the 2nd half of 2014.

Season: 2013

It Isn't All Roses

A special look at Magnum TV's mishaps, to illustrate that making outdoor television "Isn't All Roses."

Kyrgyzstan Part 1: Into the Tien Shan Mountains

Rob Dunham and Coach Mike Babcock's epic adventure begins, as they journey to Kyrgyzstan in pursuit of Mid-Asian ibex and Marco Polo sheep.

Kyrgyzstan Part 2: Mid-Asian Ibex

Rob Dunham and Coach Mike Babcock's Kyrgyzstan adventure continues with an action packed Mid-Asian ibex hunt.

Kyrgyzstan Part 3: Marco Polo Sheep

Rob Dunham and Coach Mike Babcock's Kyrgyzstan adventure concludes with an unforgettable Marco Polo sheep hunt.

Alaska Cast & Blast

James Brion hunts Sitka blacktail seer on the islands of Alaska, surrounded by halibut filled waters.

South Island Red Stag

Gary Joseph travels to New Zealand for an archery adventure, chasing red stag and fallow deer.

Adventures of Smith & Dunham 2

Rob Dunham hunts Zimbabwe with Magnum Hunt Club member Chip Springer, stalking dugga boys and plentiful plains game.

Return to Moose Valley

Tim Herald faces tough weather conditions hunting post-rut moose in northern British Columbia.

Western Whitetails

James Brion hunts big whitetails in the fringe of their territory, among Montana and Wyoming areas more known for mule deer.

Wildest Africa Part 1

Tim Herald journeys to Mozambique in search of a wild African lion, and other dangerous game.

Wildest Africa Part 2

Tim Herald's quest for his wild African lion is interrupted by a tragic accident.

Zimbabwe's Dangerous Game

Tim Herald hosts Magnum Hunt Club members in south-east Zimbabwe, hunting elephants and cape buffalo in extreme heat.

Quebec-Labrador Caribou

A life-long bow hunter, Gary Joseph picks up a muzzle-loader for the first time on this caribou adventure.

Season: 2012

Nomads of the Namib: Hunting the Desert Elephant

James Brion takes an emotional journey through the Namib Desert, hunting the desert elephant to help protect and sustain the local community.

Wounded Warrior in Action

U.S. Army Wounded Warrior, Pat Corcoran joins Magnum Hunt Club's Gary Joseph in British Columbia for a spot & stalk black bear hunt.

Desert Quest in Bushmanland

James Brion hunts the broad reach of the Namib Desert, on a quest for wild ranging plains game amid a backdrop of rugged beauty.

La Pampa Argentina: Part 1

Tim Herald pursues free ranging red stag with his muzzle loader, and Asiatic water buffalo with his bow.

La Pampa Argentina: Part 2

Tim Herald continues his hunt for Argentina's Red Stag with his bow and pursues Blackbuck with his muzzle loader.

Monster Bulls of New Zealand

Gary Joseph takes on the South Island of New Zealand for giant red stag and elk with Magnum Hunt Club Member Frank Lyon.

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