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Episode Guide

Season: 2013

2013 Summit Cup - Elimination Round 1

Elimination Round 1 - New season, new rules and still No Limits. Tournament competition like never before!

2013 Summit Cup - Elimination Round 2

Elimination Round 2 - The most intense fishing competition on the planet. It's pro bass fishing on steroids!

2013 Summit Cup - Elimination Round 3

Elimination Round 3 - No practice and no stored GPS way-points. Top pros find fish fast or leave defeated.

2013 Summit Cup - Sudden Death Round 1

Sudden Death Round 1 - Suddenly you're in or suddenly you're out. A new zone with no practice and no mercy.

2013 Summit Cup - Sudden Death Round 2

Sudden Death Round 2 - A suspense filled sprint for the final three qualifying slots in the Championship field.

2013 Summit Cup - Major League Lessons

Major League Lessons - They have proven they can do it under intense pressure and now they will show you how.

2013 Summit Cup - Championship Final

Championship Final - The time for survival is over. Watch the war on the water to see how the Summit Cup is won!

Season: 2012

Challenge Cup - Elimination Round One

One pro angler in just one day weighs in over 58 lbs. Watch how it happened.

Challenge Cup - Elimination Round Two

Tournament competition like never before. See professional bass fishing on steroids.

Challenge Cup - Elimination Round Three

No practice days, no GPS waypoints, a race against the clock. Watch top pros find fish fast.

Challenge Cup - Sudden Death Round One

One pro angler weighs in 40 lbs in less than 3 hours. See it to believe it.

Challenge Cup - Sudden Death Round Two

Pros have to catch them fast or go home. Watch the Alabama Rig weigh in over 40 lbs.

Challenge Cup - Final Round

The final four pros face off in an intense battle. No limits. No Bull. No mercy.

Challenge Cup - Major League Lessons

Six winners show you exactly how they caught their fish. Watch how they did it.

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