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Season: 2015

Episode 701 - Joel Maxfield Mountain Goat

Joel Maxfield and David Pierce hunt beautiful BC for Mountain Goat and Caribou.

Episode 702 - Dave Watson Wyoming Combo

Things don't go as planned when Dave heads to Wyoming. A true western adventure for both mule deer and pronghorn.

Episode 703 - Watson Family Vacation

On this episode of Matthews TV, the Watson family takes us through some of their favorite family hunts.

Episode 704 - Centershot at La Perla

Join John Rickenbauch from Centershot Ministries as he hunts the famous La Perla Ranch with his daughter, Jazz.

Episode 705 - Lori Watson Bowfishing

Lori and Dave head to the gulf for night time red fish action.

Episode 706 - Big Kansas Whitetail

Watch Team Matthews take two huge bucks in western Kansas.

Episode 714 - Turkey Fest

Dave Watson and friends take Wild Turkey in three states with their Mathews bows.

Episode 715 - NASCAR Whitetail

Come along on a whitetail hunt with some of NASCAR's hottest young drivers including Trevor Bayne and Micheal McDowell.

Episode 716 - Team Mathews Kansas Whitetail

Dave Watson takes one of his largest whitetails in Kansas with his new Mathews #NoCam.

Episode 717 - Discount Tire in Wyoming

Dave introduces a couple of great guys from Discount Tire on this exciting Mule Deer hunt in Wyoming.

Episode 718 - Dave Watson New Brunswick Bear

Dave travels to New Brunswick for Spring Black Bear.

Episode 719 - Max Wildebeest

11 year old Max Watson takes a huge Blue Wildebeest with his Mission Crossbow.

Episode 720 - New Orleans Bowfishing Part 1

Dave and Lori head to New Orleans for amazing bowfishing with Outdoor Addicts Bowfishing Charters.

Episode 721 - New Orleans Bowfishing Part 2

Part 2 of our exciting adventure in New Orleans.

Episode 722 - A Seal in Texas

Mark Caracci spent over 20 years as a US Navy SEAL. Come along as he makes an amazing shot on a Texas Whitetail.

Episode 723 - Joel Maxfield Elk

Joel Maxfield travels to Montana to bowhunt elk from a tree stand.

Episode 724 - Mathews TV Worldwide

Kudu in South Africa, black bear in Canada and pronghorn in Wyoming. It's Mathews TV Worldwide!

Episode 725 - The Star S Ranch

Dave returns to The Star S Ranch with Mark Maruffo from Discount Tire. Dave is after wild boar and Mark has his sights on a Scimitar Oryx.

Episode 726 - Bob Fromme Yukon Moose

Mathews' Pro, Bob Fromme heads to the Yukon for an unforgetable moose hunt.

Season: 2014

Episode 1

A brand new season of Mathews TV ! Join Dave as he travels to the Texas Hill Country to hunt the famous Star S Ranch. Plus, Clinton Fawcett from scores BIG on a mid-western Whitetail.

Episode 2

The Mathews TV crew heads to breathtaking New Zealand! Come along as Mathews’ shooters, David Pierce and Dwight Schneider both take huge Red Stags with their Mathews.

Episode 3

In part 2 of our New Zealand adventure, Joel Maxfield runs camera for his wife and son. Janice makes the perfect shot at a massive Fallow Buck and Andy takes his very first Red Stag with his Mathews.

Episode 4

This week’s episode features Nick Hoffman from the country group, The Farm. Nick might pay the bills with his fiddle, but deep down, he’s a bowhunter at heart. Nick brings along singer/songwriter, Natalie Murphy on an Arizona Javelina hunt and the result is high strung excitement!

Episode 5

Dave proves that you're never too old to start bowhunting when he introduces 91 year old, Bob Thrasher to the exciting world of crossbows. Bob spends an hour at the practice range and then takes a Texas whitetail on his very first hunt.

Episode 6

"Africa, I can hear you calling". Join Dave and the Mathews TV crew as they travel to South Africa to hunt plains game with Comre Safaris. Experience the excitement as Dave takes a massive Sable and then a trophy Kudu bull only 10 minutes later. Dave states, "And this is only day one!"

Episode 7

Lori Watson has a few surprises on her first day in a Comre Safaris' pit blind and bowhunter, Mindy Arthurs brings down a giant Eland with her Mathews.

Episode 8

Our adventure with Comre Safaris continues as Cord Watson scores on his very first African animal, a huge Kudu! Plus, Sam Watson stalks one of the most desired trophies The Dark Continent has to offer, the Black Wildebeest.

Episode 9

The kids take over Comre Safaris! Alec Arthurs, 14, takes a kudu and 10 year old Max Watson stalks Nyala with his Mission Crossbow. Plus, the Mathews crew delivers the Orange Grove Christian School some much needed love and medical  supplies.

Episode 10

Dr. Jason Arthurs smacks a jumbo Kudu and Lori Watson takes down a Blue Wildebeest.

Episode 11

A father/son hunt at Comre Safaris. Dave finally gets a Nyala and Sam takes his first Kudu.

Episode 12

Comre Safaris throws a party for Owen's 12th birthday and Max takes a huge Wildebeest with his Mission Crossbow.

Episode 13

Whitetail Bonanza with the crew from

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