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Season: 2017

Episode 901 - Montauk Striper

Trev Gowdy tests new baits, and mono versus braid line, to find out what is the most consistent approach for getting huge striped bass.

Episode 902 - Thailand Stingray

Fred Lavitman travels to the far reaches of Thailand to learn the ancient techniques of how to catch one of the world's largest freshwater fish.

Episode 903 - Texas Bass Part 1

Major League Fishing pro and big Bass fisherman, Kelly Jordan, joins the Monster Fish team and reveals the best lures and techniques to catch monster-sized largemouth on his home waters of Lake Fork, Texas.

Episode 904 - Texas Alligator Gar

Fred battles flooding waters and may have set a new record for giant gar in high water conditions.

Episode 905 - San Salvador Marlin

Fred travels to the rarely fished volcanic uprising off San Salvador Island in the southernmost reaches of the Bahamas for big blue marlin. Here, the waters drop off to over 4,000 feet just a half-mile off the island. 

Episode 906 - Texas Bass Part 2

Major League Fishing Pro and big bass fisherman, Kelly Jordan, joins the series as host and hunts down 10–15lb largemouth bass on Lake Fork, Texas. Jordan shows the best lures and tactics to catch these monster-sized bass.

Episode 907 - Alaska Rainbows

Trev Gowdy fishes late season for the ravenous monster-sized rainbows of the upper Kenai River in Alaska. Using new variations in the fleshfly to catch them, these fish can reach over 16 pounds and 33 inches.

Episode 908 - Beach Striper

Trev Gowdy shows techniques and tactics for catching 40–50lb stripers in just 2–3 feet of water off New England beaches.

Episode 909 - Georges Bank Part 1

Fred Lavitman makes the dangerous 150-mile journey through the night to fish the tuna stronghold of Georges Bank.

Episode 910 - Prince Edward Island Tuna

Renowned stand up fisherman, Fred Lavitman, breaks down what it takes to stand up fish for 1,000–1,200lb bluefin. The tactics, risks, gear, and techniques to bring in a 1,000lb plus bluefin tuna in less than 30 minutes.

Episode 911 - Georges Bank Part 2

Is the risk worth the reward? Fred Lavitman and crew make the dangerous run through the night to reach the famed Georges Bank in search of giant bluefin.

Episode 912 - Monster Fish Season Countdown

Countdown to the biggest monster fish of the year.

Season: 2016

Episode 801 - Kingfish

In search of monster Kingfish off the coast of Florida. Will Fred's kite technique work? Kingfish are known to leap upwards of 20 feet in the air!

Episode 802 - Bluefin Harpoon

Monster Bluefin Tuna off the coast of Cape Cod. A look inside the techniques and skill of a Bluefin Harpooner.

Episode 803 - Bahama Wahoo Part 1

A hunt for the biggest Wahoo in the world. An expedition to the remote island of San Salvador. Fifty-pound plus Stripers off Montauk, New York. Trev tries a new technique.

Episode 804 - Montauk Striper

Fifty-pound plus Stripers off Montauk, New York. Trev tries a new technique and a new location.

Episode 805 - Bahama Wahoo Part 2

Fishing for record-sized Wahoo above a five thousand foot sea mount off the island of San Salvador in the Bahamas.

Episode 806 - Georges Banka

Fred makes the dangerous 150-mile journey out to Georges Bank for Bluefin Tuna.

Episode 807 - Wels Catfish

The mammoth and bizarre-looking Wels Catfish. Trev travels to the far reaches of the Ebro river in Spain in search of monster catfish.

Episode 808 - PEI Tuna Part 1

Fred attempts to shatter his 1100-pound Bluefin Tuna record at Prince Edward Island.

Episode 809 - Bering Sea King Salmon

Trev hunts down monster King Salmon below the Arctic Circle.

Episode 810 - Mississippi Kingfish

Trev hunts down the monster Kingfish of Mississippi.

Episode 811 - PEI Tuna Part 2

1000-pound plus Bluefin Tuna off the coast of Canada. Fred attempts to break his record of 1100 pounds on standup gear.

Episode 812 - Season 8 Countdown

A countdown for the number one Monster Fish of the year.

Season: 2015

Episode 701 - Sand Tiger Shark

Fred battles monster Sand tiger sharks in Delaware Bay within sight of crowded beaches. The Sand tiger shark has a jaw full of unusual teeth.

Episode 702 - PEI Tuna

Stormy seas won't stop Fred from battling 1000-lb tuna on stand-up gear to the boat. Watch Fred's stand-up rod get bent to the max.

Episode 703 - Marlin A

High water temperatures in Panama mean that Trev will have to pull some tricks out of his hat to catch a monster Marlin. Great aerial jumping scenes.

Episode 704 - Scotland

Monster Fish discovers an untouched tuna fishing ground off the stormy coasts of Scotland. This is groundbreaking for Monster Fish.

Episode 705 - Marlin B

Trev returns to Panama's rich waters to hopefully find a monster-sized Marlin. The Marlin's aerial jumps are awesome.

Episode 706 - Canyon

Fred and crew travel 100 miles offshore through the dark of night  to Fishtails Canyon, where they catch a crowd-drawing haul of fish.

Episode 707 - Alaska King Salmon

Trev hunts down monster King Salmon on Alaska's Kenai River. The Kings test his tackle to the max.

Episode 708 - Thresher Shark

Fred battles leaping Thresher sharks to get them boatside, only to deal with their thrashing and dangerous 8 foot tails.

Episode 709 - Bahamas Wahoo

Fred hunts down monster Wahoo off the deep water ledges near the famed Bimini Big Game Club Bahamas.

Episode 710 - Sugarloaf Key Permit

Trev combines hunting and fishing to stalk the elusive and monster-sized Permit off Sugarloaf Key, Florida.

Episode 711 - Striper

The bite is on as Trev fishes off the New England coast in search of monster-sized Stripers.

Episode 712 - Season Countdown

We look back through the largest and strongest fish of the year. It's been a groundbreaking season for Monster Fish.

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