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Episode Guide

Season: 2014

Episode 1214 - EHD in the Midwest

Bob and Larry hunt whitetails in Illinois and Missouri and examine the effects of EHD in the Midwest.

Episode 1215 - One More Pony

Bob takes his Mathews to South Africa for a once-in-a-lifetime trophy and Scott hunts Illinois during gun season.

Episode 1216 - Old-Timers in OK

Larry hunts whitetails in Oklahoma and looks back at some of his successful hunts from the past.

Episode 1217 - Bob's Gone Kiwi

Bob's off to New Zealand for a hunt of a lifetime for red stag with Shane Quinn's Alpine Hunting.

Episode 1218 - The Old Dugaboy

Scott's back in South Africa with his Mathews hunting for one of Africa's Big Five, the cape buffalo.

Episode 1219 - Big Ol' Bruisers

Scott and Bob hunt Illinois and Oklahoma for some big ol' bruisers.

Episode 1220 - Chasing Bugles

Larry hunts with our good friend Joseph Graham for elk in New Mexico.

Episode 1221 - Kiwi Stag with a Winchester

Bob's back in New Zealand in search of his second red stag.

Episode 1222 - Two Sides of Conservation

We take a look at two sides of the conservation coin with some remarkable hunts from around the world.

Episode 1223 - One-Horn & Tripod

Bob and Larry hunt for some funky beasts with some funky horns.

Episode 1224 - 2nd Chance IL Black Buck

Larry spends the entire deer season on the hunt for a rare Illinois black buck.

Episode 1225 - South African Trifecta

We introduce our newest team member to the unparalleled glory that is Johnny Vivier Safaris.

Episode 1226 - The 1st Day is Always Exciting

Huntin’ fun in the South African sun with the Most Wanted crew!

Season: 2011

From The Black Bears Of The North To The Kalahari's Dark Continent

On this episode of Most Wanted Scott Shultz continues his pursuit of plains game from the Kalahari region of South Africa, while Larry quests for a huge Black Bear across the border to Canada.

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