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Episode Guide

Season: 2016

Episode 601 - Life or Death Moose

Keith Mark heads to Yukon for another great moose adventure, which ends up being a lesson in self defense.

Episode 602 - The Moose and the "Fox"

Jeff Foxworthy joins Keith Mark in the Yukon for some up close and personal archery moose.

Episode 603 - Liberty Bell Rays

Shawn and Keith are off the coast of Delaware for some bowfishing stingray action.

Episode 604 - Christmas Whitetail

Shawn and Keith head to southwest Ohio and ask Santa for just a couple of whitetail.

Episode 605 - Dreams Can Come True

Kids and veterans with disabilities have their dreams come true with great whitetail and elk action.

Episode 606 - Roosters and Chokes

Kansas ringtail action at its finest.

Episode 607 - Solo Elk

Shawn heads to New Mexico for some rutting elk action. Not everything goes as planned…but that's nothing new.

Episode 608 - Boss Toms

The guys are all over the place just to try to find a couple of weary turkeys.

Episode 609 - Everything's Bigger in Texas

Shawn Michaels invites us to his ranch for a look at some of his monster whitetail.

Episode 610 - Family Affair

Shawn Michaels gets the entire family involved in harvesting some big bucks.

Season: 2015

Episode 501 - Macmillan River Return

Shawn returns to the Yukon in search of monster moose. Has five years' experience made him wise to the ways of the Yukon moose?

Episode 502 - No Worse for the Wear

Shawn accompanies cancer survivor Logan Kostelecky on an Outdoor Adventure Foundation Montana mule deer hunt.

Episode 503 - Ice Box Elk

Shawn and Keith battle the elements of a frigid New Mexico December elk hunt. There are plenty of opportunities, but will the cold ultimately win?

Episode 504 - Pheasants in the Heartland

Shawn, Keith and lots of other good friends turn this pheasant hunt into a party on the plains.

Episode 505 - Texas Two Step

Shawn takes a couple steps towards managing his ranch for quality whitetails.

Episode 506 - Elk Paradise

The encounters are up close and personal, as Keith and Shawn head to Colorado for an early season archery elk hunt.

Episode 507 - Squirrel Master Classic #2

Round 2 of this world renowned hunt with all the industry big hitters in play. Who wins this year?

Episode 508 - MRA Turkey Competition

Spring is busy for everyone. Shawn and Keith deal with their busy schedules with a MRA turkey competition, in separate locations.

Episode 509 - Rods, Reels and Rugby

The island of Bermuda is a great place with huge fish, what more could you want?

Episode 510 - Mark Family Farm

Being at home does the mind good. Keith shows you his ranch and explains why home is important to him.

Episode 511 - Fur and Fins Part 1

In the first half of this two-part hunt, Keith heads to Canada with his son Zach to meet up with a couple of good friends and a wounded vet for a black bear hunt and some unbelievable fishing.

Episode 512 - Fur and Fins Part 2

We continue the search for black bear in Canada and the fishing gets even better.

Episode 513 - Outfitted

Keith Mark describes the challenges and rewards of being a world class outfitter at Macmillan River Adventures.

Season: 2014

Episode 401 - Back to the Beginning

Shawn and Keith head back to the Yukon to hunt moose.  Along the way, team MRA recalls how the whole adventure began.

Episode 402 - Little Things Mean A Lot

This week the MRA team is hunting down in Texas on Shawn Michaels' ranch.

Episode 403 - The Legend of Curly

For the first time in his life, Shawn is obsessed with a hunting challenge that has the best of him.

Episode 404 - 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

Team MRA head to Northern California to hunt blacktail, but Shawn's confidence is rattled along the way. Keith offers a curious solution by bringing them to a vineyard.

Episode 405 - Gratitude Is an Attitude

Shawn and Keith host two very special guests on the hunt of a lifetime, courtesy of the MRA and The Outdoor Adventure Foundation.

Episode 406 - Conservation: Africa Style

The MRA team heads to Africa to learn about successful conservation efforts going on there and to hunt big game.

Episode 407 - The Tripod's Third Leg

Shawn and Keith turn the spotlight on "Cameraman Josh" as we join him on numerous hunting adventures and learn about team MRA's third member.

Episode 408 - Feathers and Fins

The whole MRA team get in on the action as the boys go after gobblers in the midwest and fish for big red fish in Louisiana.

Episode 409 - The Feathers Started Flying

Cold temperatures and swirling snow showers make for challenging pheasant and quail hunting as team MRA makes new friends and new memories in the heartland.

Episode 410 - Squirreling Around

Team MRA and a host of Outdoor Channel celebrities compete in the inaugural Squirrel Master Classic.  It was a day of fun that benefited a great cause.

Episode 411 - Hog Wild

WWE Legend and Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels joins his good friend and host Keith Mark, owner MacMillan River Adventures, for their own version of Hog Wild!

Episode 412 - Flying Solo

Keith mysteriously fails to show up for antelope hunting in Wyoming. Shawn's frustration turns to concern when the reason is revealed.

Episode 413 - Back to Where It All Began

Keith has every reason to skip this trip, but his love of moose hunting and dedication to team MRA finds him back hunting the MacMillan River in the Yukon.

Season: 2013

Midwest Whitetail – EHD Update

Shawn and Keith hunt big deer in the heartland and speak with experts about a devastating disease, EHD, which has impacted hunting across the United States.

Shawn's Yukon Moose

Shawn takes us along as he returns to the Yukon's MacMillan River to hunt the world's largest antlered animal. Shawn stares down a territorial bull in a hunt to remember.

Keith's Yukon Moose

Shawn and Keith return to the Yukon and soon find themselves within yards of a monster moose. The sights and sounds captured on this hunt are unforgettable.

North Carolina Bear

The entire MRA team gets in on the action as Shawn and Keith lead the way in a North Carolina bear hunting adventure that is packed with action from four separate hunts.

1st Turkey Show

Spring turkey hunting this year meant cold, wet conditions but that didn't keep Shawn, Keith and friends from successful hunting. Along the way, they share a variety of tips to help everyone have a better hunt.

2nd Turkey Show

The whole MRA team is back for more turkey hunting and Shawn gets a chance to be among the first to hunt with a brand new crossbow and he brings us along.


Shawn has hunted elk before but he's never had success. This week, the MRA team heads to Colorado on an adventure to change that and along the way we are reminded of how tough elk hunting can be.

Hunting with Heroes

The Outdoor Adventure Foundation helps Shawn and Keith hunt with three very special people as part of their heroic journeys in life. Join them for great stories and fantastic hunting.

Shawn's Family Ranch

North Dakota

Conservation Special – BGF


JR Hog Party

Season: 2012

The Attack Zone

Shawn and Keith stalk the world's largest land animal with a crossbow in this African adventure.

The Turkey Show

Keith completes his Turkey Grand Slam and Shawn keeps his promise to put food on the family's dinner table along with a hat trick by cameraman Josh.

Africa Plains Game

Shawn and Keith go after some of Africa's largest game and provide badly needed food for surrounding villages.

Bow Fishing Florida Style

The boats are moving and the fish are moving so expect great action and lots of laughs as Shawn and Keith take to the Florida coast for Stingray and Tarpon.

Mickey's Montana Mule Deer

This show features Mickey, a young cancer survivor, and his dream to hunt with his childhood idol, Shawn Michaels in beautiful Montana.

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