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Season: 2016

Episode 2301 - Gobble and Roar

Ivey Gruber travels to Ohio in search of her first turkey; Steve Gruber returns to New Zealand and encounters a giant red stag.

Episode 2302 - New Zealand Magic

Steve Gruber recaps his New Zealand hunt and Ivey Gruber is in pursuit of her own red stag.

Episode 2303 - Mexico Turkey Slam

Team member Eric Kiefer heads south for a Gould's turkey hunt in Mexico.

Episode 2304 - Stalking Red Stags

Ivey Gruber hunts for red stag in New Zealand.

Episode 2305 - Canadian Whitetails

Team member Dean Partridge shares a story about a unique Saskatchewan buck.

Episode 2306 - Turkey Highs and Lows

Team members Sean Regan, Ted Rize and Tom Nichols share their highs of lows of spring turkey hunting in Missouri and Michigan.

Episode 2307 - Turkey Double & Biglar Buck

Steve Gruber and team member Jeff Biglar hunt deer in Ohio; Eric Kiefer and his buddy double up on birds in Michigan.

Episode 2308 - Hoosier Deer Stories

Team member Eric Kiefer shares highlights from the Indiana deer season.

Episode 2309 - Buckeye Double & Sask Buck

Team members Collin Barkdull, Mikey Sanders hunt for white-tailed deer in Central Ohio, and Jason Peterson hunts for a late season buck in Canada.

Episode 2310 - Bluegrass Bliss

Team member Byron Marlowe hunts for elk in Kentucky; our annual wounded veteran's hunt in Kentucky; Ivey Gruber hunts for a late season buck in Iowa.

Episode 2311 - Buckeye & Hoosier Deer

Steve Gruber and friends hunt for whitetails in Ohio and Indiana.

Episode 2312 - Bucks North of the Border

Team members Sean Regan and Dean Partridge share stories from Saskatchewan.

Episode 2313 - Boogeyman

Steve Gruber tries to fill his Ohio buck tag and team member Mikey Sanders finally has an elusive buck named "Boogeyman" in his sight.

Season: 2015

Episode 2201 - Ladies First

Steve and Ivey head to Alaska in search of Ivey's first moose; a young lady hunts for her first deer in Michigan.

Episode 2202 - TX Hog & IN Youth Deer

Steve and Ivey hunt for feral hogs in Texas; Youth deer season in the upper Midwest.

Episode 2203 - Spring Adventures & Urban Zone Deer

Steve and Ivey enjoy Michigan in the spring; Eric Kiefer hunts the urban zone for Indiana deer.

Episode 2204 - Sask Strikeout & MI Deer

Steve and Ivey have tough times in Saskatchewan; Pro staff hunts for deer in Michigan.

Episode 2205 - Manitoba Bear & OH Deer

Team Kiefer puts the hurt on Indiana turkeys; Dean Partridge has a giant whitetail story from Saskatchewan.

Episode 2206 - Buckeye Birds & Bucks

Pro staff crossbow hunts for turkeys in Ohio, Ivey gets her first big buck near Cincinnati.

Episode 2207 - Bear Camp & Deer Camp

Steve and Ivey enjoy good times in bear camp; Sean Regan hosts his lifelong buddies in deer.

Episode 2208 - Hoosier Youth & Bluegrass Deer

Young hunters have fun during Indiana's spring turkey season; Steve and Ivey return to Kentucky for deer.

Episode 2209 - Michigan Birds & IN Bucks

Bryant Shermoe and his kids hunt turkeys and deer in Michigan; Eric Kiefer and friends hunt for deer in Indiana.

Episode 2210 - Turkey Triple & OH Bucks

Eric Kiefer and friends have a once in a lifetime turkey hunt in Michigan; Steve grinds it out in Ohio trying hard to tag a mature buck.

Episode 2211 - IN Turkey & Sask Deer

Team Kiefer puts the hurt on Indiana turkeys; Dean Partridge has a giant whitetail story from Saskatchewan.

Episode 2212 - North of The Border

Gage Lowery comes face to face with an old, ornery black bear; Dean Partridge has more great big bucks in Saskatchewan.

Episode 2213 - KS Birds & IA Deer

Turkey hunts in Kansas and deer hunt in Iowa.

Season: 2014

Episode 2101 - Ontario Moose & Velvet Buck

Pro staffer Bryant Shermoe and his wife Karen travel to Ontario to get face-to-face with a big bull moose. Then, Steve Gruber finally gets a crack at an elusive whitetail buck in velvet.

Episode 2102 - Kentucky Whitetail Tales

Deer hunting at the Life Adventure Center in Kentucky including a very special wounded warrior hunt. After that, Steve hunts for a doe and a buck.

Episode 2103 - Kentucky Buck & Kiefer Turkeys

Steve finally gets a shot on a mature seven point buck in Kentucky, while the pro staffers hunt for turkeys in Nebraska and Kansas.

Episode 2104 - Turkey Time & Kansas Buck

Pro staffers, Sean Regan and Ron Maguire, pursue turkeys in Ohio, Missouri and Michigan. Steve hunts early season deer in southeast Kansas.

Episode 2105 - A-Team Turkeys & Deer

Pro staffer Eric Kiefer shows why he is "The A-Team" as he, his friends, and his family go after turkeys and deer from Michigan to Kansas.

Episode 2106 - Does and Big Bears

Steve Gruber hunts deer in the early archery season in Ohio, while the pro staffers hunt for deer in Michigan and black bear in Manitoba.

Episode 2107 - Turkey With A Side Of Humble Pie

Steve Gruber hunts deer during severe weather in Indiana, while the pro staffers hunt for turkey and deer in Indiana and Missouri.

Episode 2108 - From Texas To Iowa

Steve Gruber hunts in Texas for turkey and deer, while pro staff member Bryant Shermoe guides hunters at his place in Iowa.

Episode 2109 - From Texas To Iowa, Part 2

Steve Gruber hunts in Texas for turkey and deer, while pro staff member Bryant Shermoe guides hunters at his place in Iowa.

Episode 2110 - Coyote, Hog and Deer

Steve Gruber hunts for deer in Ohio, while the pro staff members hunt coyote, hogs and deer.

Episode 2111 - Granddaughters and Grand Buck

This week on Excalibur's Outdoor America, we have stories about first time deer hunters and also a giant Saskatchewan buck.

Episode 2112 - Iowa and Indiana Deer

Steve hunts late season in Iowa in sub-zero temps, while Eric Kiefer encounters an Indiana giant.

Episode 2113 - ID Bear & Hard Luck Carl

This week on Excalibur's Outdoor America, it is a pro staff bear hunt in Idaho, and the "Hard Luck Carl" nominees are announced.

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