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Episode Guide

Season: 2015

Episode 2001 - 20th Anniversary

Bob & Larry celebrate 20 years of making outdoor TV shows.

Episode 2002 - Midwest Bass n Bucks

Bob & Larry fish a local lake for spring time bass.  Plus Scott Shultz hunts for big ol' bruiser whitetails in OK.

Episode 2003 - Missouri Bass & South African Sable

Part 2 of Bob & Larry's local bassin' hot spot.  Plus we see Scott's Sable bow hunt.

Episode 2004 - Whiskers & Bugles

Bob goes catfishin' on the Mississippi & Larry hunts for New Mexico Elk.

Episode 2005 - Big River

Part 2 of Bob's catfishin' on the Mississippi plus Larry's OK bow hunt.

Episode 2006 - Fishing for Freedom

Bob Richardson & Bob Wilson attend the Fishing for Freedom tournament in Quincy, Illinois.

Episode 2007 - Bass 'n' Bugles

Bob & Bob head up to Ontario for Smallmouth Bass, plus Larry films New Mexico Elk hunts with Joe Graham.

Episode 2008 - Is This a Pike Tournament?

Bob & Bob try to keep Pike off their lines, plus Joe Graham & Scott Shultz hunt for Iowa bucks.

Episode 2009 - Smallies and Walleyes

Bob & Larry are catching northern style fish in Missouri!  Plus some great hunting from the Midwest.

Episode 2010 - Atikokan Bass Classic Day 1

The Bob's take part in the "funnest bass tourny" in Canada.

Episode 2011 - Atikokan Bass Classic Day 2

Highlights from day 2 of the "funnest bass tourny" in Canada.

Episode 2012 - Rollin' on the River

Bob and Larry fish for sauger and walleye on the Mississippi River.

Episode 2013 - Wintertime Bassin

Bob braves the cold for some winter-time bass!

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