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Season: 2014

Season 3 Episode 1 - Luke Snyder's Gator and Hog

Luke Snyder and Steve LeBlanc join forces again as the two meet up in the swamps of Louisiana for a gator and hog hunt with Cajun guide Charlie LeDoux of Guided Ventures. It’s a wild ride for all as they wrestle a hog to the ground and travel through the swamps checking the lines for hooked gators.

Season 3 Episode 2 - Sean Gleason's Pronghorn

PBR head honcho Sean Gleason hunts in the backyard of the PBR headquarters as he chases pronghorn outside Pueblo, Colorado with guide Dan Harrison and host Steve LeBlanc. We’ll also see Steve fill his own pronghorn tag in this Colorado antelope double play.

Season 3 Episode 3 - Double T Outfitters

Dustin Elliott and Steve LeBlanc reunite in Texas as Dustin looks for a trophy whitetail with Double T Outfitters. Steve and Dustin have enjoyed success together in past seasons, this time the lucky hunters press their luck while chasing trophy whitetail in Texas.

Season 3 Episode 4 - Getting Back on the Bull

Karen Seaman hunts elk at the famed mountain retreat The Timbers at Chama in this episode of Remington PBR Outdoors. After hunting at Chama unsuccessfully the year before, she gets back on to try again for another ride. With over 10,000 acres of private land available for the hunt in the famed Unit 4 of New Mexico, Karen, guide Bill Glisson, and host Steve LeBlanc are in the right place to take a monster bull.

Season 3 Episode 5 - Montana mule deer with Nathan Sheppler

Nathan Sheppler and host Steve LeBlanc enjoy the best hunting Montana has to offer as they hunt mule deer, waterfowl, and upland in this PBR triple-play. While the birds are a great diversion… it’s a trophy mule deer that Nathan is after. Guide Dan Harrison puts him on a shooter, now it’s Nathan’s job to make the ride count!

Season 3 Episode 6 - New Zealand 1 – Luke Snyder

PBR Champion Luke Snyder comes to New Zealand with one thing on his mind… taking a giant red stag. Throughout his 12-year career Luke was able to – usually – conquer bulls inside the arena earning the nickname ‘Ironman’. Now its time to see how ‘Ironman’ fares against a stag in the steep terrain of New Zealand.

Season 3 Episode 7 - New Zealand 2 – Justin McBride

2-time PBR Champion Justin McBride knows how to retire… the last time we saw him on PBR Outdoors he just missed a world record rooster fish in Panama. Now he returns to action in a once-in-a-lifetime dream hunt chasing red stag and sika deer on the South Island of New Zealand with host Steve LeBlanc and fellow rider Luke Snyder.

Season: 2013

Bull Rider with Buck Fever

PBR rider Justin Koon can stare at a 1,500-pound bull without flinching… but it’s a whole different game when he has a 10-point whitetail in his sights. In this episode of Sportsman’s Warehouse PBR Outdoors, host Steve LeBlanc joins Justin at the Star S Ranch in Texas for a fast-paced deer hunt. Early mistakes haunt Justin before he has a final chance at whitetail redemption.

Changing the Game

PBR star Chris Shivers and Host Steve LeBlanc visit the Rio Bonito ranch in Texas to hunt whitetail deer but the whitetail hunt quickly becomes an aoudad and Corsican ram hunt. The free-range game ranch offers a myriad of options, and the two deer hunters are happy to switch gears and focus in on exotic sheep.

Ice-cold Combo Hunt

Reigning PBR Stock Contractor of the Year Jeff Robinson joins host and artist Steve LeBlanc in Montana for a frigid whitetail and waterfowl combo hunt. Both Steve and Jeff have a whitetail tag, and since they are hunting in the middle of duck season they brought their shotguns along as well. Single-digit temperatures won’t keep these two from enjoying great deer and duck action.

Climbing Back on the Bull

When a PBR rider gets knocked off the bull, he shows his toughness by climbing back on and taking another ride. This week on PBR Outdoors, hunter Karen Seaman shows that she is cut from the same cloth, as she won’t let an early disappointment keep her down. Karen shows us how to ‘cowboy up’ as she hunts elk in Colorado and whitetail in Texas, refusing to come home empty handed.

Texas Rattle

PBR star Austin Meier and host Steve LeBlanc are calling in the whitetail in this Sportsman’s Warehouse PBR Outdoors. The two hunters each have a whitetail tag in their pocket as they head to the Rio Brazos ranch in Texas. The action is hot as these two hunters stay down on the ground and rattle in the bucks in this spot-and-stalk whitetail episode.


Former PBR rider Ross Coleman knows how to enjoy his retirement – by travelling to Texas to hunt free-range whitetail bucks and javelinas. Ross shows his ‘can-do’ attitude by building his own ground blind on one day, and rattling in deer on another. Ross’ biggest challenge will be keeping his buck fever under control!

Best of Sportsman's Warehouse PBR Outdoors

Join host Steve LeBlanc as he takes the stars of the PBR series out of the arena and into the field in the best of Sportsman’s Warehouse PBR Outdoors. Steve hunts with Justin Koon, Jeff Robinson, Chris Shivers, and Austin Meier.

Season: 2012

Hart and Soul

PBR star JW Hart joins host Steve LeBlanc for a Texas whitetail hunt at the famed Y.O. Ranch. Hart won the 1994 Rookie of the Year award and earned the nickname ‘Ironman’ by riding in 197-consecutive events during his 12-year career. Hart and LeBlanc are both put to the test in this tough south Texas hunt, plus they spend time helping out around the ranch.

Hollywood Hogs

Host Steve LeBlanc takes PBR rider Dustin Elliott on a hog hunt in the hills of southern California. Located just one hour north of Los Angeles, Tejon Ranch features world class hunting with a variety of game species – including the gigantic boar which LeBlanc and Elliott are pursuing.

Texas Whitetail & the Original Man Cave

PBR legend Tater Porter and host Steve LeBlanc hunt whitetail in the rocky, mountainous terrain of west Texas with Lone Star Outfitters. On the same property lies indian cave paintings and tour the site with an archaeologist.

Teaming Up on Pronghorn

Retired PBR veteran Ross Coleman hunts pronghorn in southern Colorado with Colorado Mountain Adventures, and he gets a buck of a lifetime in his sights. Meanwhile, host Steve LeBlanc travels further south to take his own pronghorn with famed guide Tony Grimmett. This episode is a 2-for-1 with two great teams of hunters and guides chasing antelope.

Texas Hold'Em

Bullfighters are the equivalent of the secret service for the PBR – they do whatever it takes to keep the riders safe. Veteran bullfighter Shorty Gorham joins Steve LeBlanc in the rugged country of west Texas as they hunt aoudad and javelina under tough conditions. Shorty is used to dancing with bulls… but now he has a different type of animal pushing him to his limit.

Swamp Party

PBR veteran Ross Coleman and host Steve LeBlanc head to the swamps of Florida to hunt gator, hog, and axis deer at the J&R Ranch. The outfitter and guides are fun-loving, salt of the earth folks who treat Ross and Steve to unique hunts that can only be found in the swamps of Florida. There is plenty of action and plenty of laughs with this team of characters.

Tight Lines With the Champ

2-time PBR World Champion Justin McBride and host Steve LeBlanc head south to fish from the famed Tropic Star Lodge in Panama. This is no pleasure trip, as the two anglers are fishing hard in pursuit of a world record roosterfish.

Turkey Club

Host Steve LeBlanc and PBR rider McKennon Wimberly visit a diamond in the rough as they hunt Osceola turkey at the gorgeous Gilchrist Club in Florida. Having already recovered from a horrific wreck from 2011, Wimberly is once again on the mend after suffering a broken jaw on an earlier training ride. He shows how tough the stars of the PBR Built Ford Tough series truly are, as it takes more than a broken jaw to keep this cowboy down.

From Bulls to Bears

PBR star Kody Lostroh and host Steve LeBlanc travel to the Pacific Northwest to hunt black bear with Vancouver Island Guiding. Kody is no stranger to working with large and dangerous beasts, and the black bear of western Vancouver Island are the largest black bear in the world.

Texas Exotics

PBR rider Luke Snyder and host Steve LeBlanc visit the lone star state in pursuit of exotic axis deer at the 5-star Joshua Creek Ranch. There are numerous gorgeous axis on the property, but the challenge for the hunters lies in finding the right trophy. They also try their hand at fly fishing and have fun with a skeet shooting competition.

Spot-and-Stalk Turkey Hunting

Host Steve LeBlanc and PBR rider Kody Lostroh face a tough challenge with a late-season Nebraska turkey hunt with Buckley’s White River Outfitting. While the toms are still gobbling, it is to late in the season for them to come to a call, so Steve and Kody have to get down and dirty and hunt the birds spot-and-stalk style.

Backwoods Bass

PBR rider Justin Koon and host Steve LeBlanc get their lines in the water at Arkansas’ Lake Ouachita with G&G Guide Service. The bass and striper fishing is off the charts as the team looks to get their daily limit. Plus, LeBlanc braves the bulls of the PBR as he steps into the arena as an honorary bullfighter.

Greatest Hits from Ford Trucks Takes PBR Outdoors

We look back at the debut season for the series and showcase the best scenes, as well as a few extras that have never aired.

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