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Season: 2017

Episode 1701 - Carters Lake

Guide Louie Bartenfield and Strike King's Doug Minor fish Carters Lake in Murray County, Georgia looking for large spotted bass.

Episode 1702 - Zona's Cold

Fishing Show Host Mark Zona and Professional Fisherman Jeremiah Johnson battle winds, snow, waves and the flu while pursuing smallmouth bass in northern Minnesota.

Episode 1703 - Crappie Fork

Mr. Crappie, Wally Marshall, fishes Lake Fork near Alba, Texas for America's favorite panfish, crappie.

Episode 1704 - Knee Deep

Wally Marshall, aka Mr. Crappie, wades on Ray Roberts Lake north of Dallas, Texas for crappie.

Episode 1705 - Left Coast Spots

B.A.S.S. Elite Angler Cody Meyer pursues massive spotted bass in California fishing the legendary Bullards Bar with Strike King's Allan Ranson.

Episode 1706 - Old School

Professional Tournament Anglers Greg Hackney and Mark Rose compete with each other, fishing from aluminum boats in northeast Arkansas. They're going old school in a friendly competition.

Episode 1707 - Writer's Block

Elite and iconic outdoor writer Louie Stout travels to Buffalo, New York to chase smallmouth bass in the clear waters of the Niagara River with Strike King's Doug Minor.

Episode 1708 - KVD Peachy Keen

B.A.S.S. Elite Angler Kevin VanDam journeys to east Arkansas pursuing largemouth bass on a lake referred to as "The Peach Orchard" on the heels of a massive cold front.

Episode 1709 - Lovin' Redheads

Guide and professional redfish angler Mike Frenette is known for catching huge bull redfish near Venice, Louisiana. Mike fishes with Strike King's Mark Copley battling the elements chasing massive redfish.

Episode 1710 - Defensive Bass Fishing

NFL's Minnesota Viking's defensive end Brian Robison chases smallmouth bass with professional angler Jeremiah Johnson on a lake in Minnesota called "Little Boy Lake."

Episode 1711 - Spotted Heaven

B.A.S.S. Elite Angler Cody Meyer pursues GIANT spotted bass in California fishing Lake of the Pines with Strike King's Allan Ranson.

Episode 1712 - The Erie Walleye

Professional Walleye angler Tom Kemos battles the elements looking for huge walleye on Lake Erie near Huron, Ohio.

Episode 1713 - Popping Bass

Using a new lure, the Popping Perch, Professional Angler Todd Castledine and Strike King's Phil Marks strike up exciting topwater action on Lake Naconiche near Nacogdoches, Texas.

Episode 1714 - Swinging Sugar Buzz

Lure Designer Phil Marks and Professional angler Clark Wendlandt explore the waters of Sam Rayburn Reservoir near Brookland, Texas using the new Swinging Sugar Buzz.

Season: 2016

Episode 1601 - Bonsai

Professional Walleye Angler Tom Kemos and Strike King's Mark Copley pursue Walleye in the Fox River near Greenbay, Wisconsin. Both trolling and casting are the methods they explore using the new Strike King Bonsai Shad.

Episode 1602 - JVD Smallies

B.A.S.S. Elite angler Jonathan VanDam, nephew of Kevin VanDam, fishes the water of Lake St. Clair outside Detroit, Michigan for smallmouth using a variety of techniques.

Episode 1603 - Stump Jumpin' With Mr. Crappie

Mr. Crappie, Wally Marshall fishes standing timber at Lake Lavon in north Texas. Utilizing the Mr. Crappie "joker", Wally explores the ins and outs of standing timber fishing for springtime slab crappie.

Episode 1604 - Slab Slanger!

Broken Bow, Oklahoma is the site for Mr. Crappie's pursuit of Big Slab crappie. Fishing the deep, clear waters of Broken Bow Lake, Wally Marshall explores catching crappie slabs out of deep trees.

Episode 1605 - Grosse Savanne Cold Weather Bass

2014 B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year Greg Hackney and Strike King's Phil battle the elements of wind and cold to have an awesome day flippin' for bass in the waters near Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Episode 1606 - Still At It!

Legendary Professional Bass Fisherman Denny Brauer fishes in South Texas on Lake Amistad with guest Bill Lowen in heavy cover for largemouth bass.

Episode 1607 - 2-Tap

B.A.S.S. Elite angler brothers Matt and Lee Jordan fish on Lake Guntersville in Alabama using the new Red-Eyed Shad Tungesten 2-Tap looking for largemouth bass.

Episode 1608 - Indi

FLW touring pro Bill McDonald and Strike King's Crispin fish the waters of Lake Geist not far from Indianapolis. They fish points and humps for largemouth bass.

Episode 1609 - Deep KVD

Legendary angler Kevin VanDam explores the waters near Traverse City, Michigan for smallmouth bass using the new KVD deep diving jerkbait.

Episode 1610 - The Four O

B.A.S.S. Champion Kevin VanDam uses the new Strike King 4" Ocho finesse fishing in the Traverse City area for smallmouth bass.

Episode 1611 - Ocho Family

Strike King's Doug and Mary Minor fish the pristine waters of northern Idaho looking for largemouth bass in the crystal clear waters.

Episode 1612 - Tough!

"One More Cast" host and B.A.S.S. Elite Angler Shaw Grigsby fishes with Triton Boat's Kent brown on legendary Lake Folsom, near Sacramento, California. Lake Folsem is a deep clear lake, but is known forever by the Johnny Cash song "Folsom Prison Blues" as Shaw and Kent fish the waters within sight of the famous prison.

Episode 1613 - Lee Bros

B.A.S.S. Elite angler brothers Matt and Lee Jordan fish the waters marshy waters of southern Florida with a swim jig looking for largemouth bass.

Episode 1614 - STRIKE KING 50TH

Documentary on the beginning of Strike King through its 50 years to present day.

Season: 2015

Episode 101 - Zona U Rig

Mark Zona fishes with Strike King's John Barns near Traverse City Michigan utilizing a little used technique in northern waters: the umbrella rig.

Episode 102 - Oranges, Alligators, and Green Grass

FLW touring pro Mark Rose encounters an incredible day of fishing on the vast Lake Okeechobee in southern Florida.

Episode 103 - Mr. Crappie Strikes Again!

Mr. Crappie, Wally Marshall, fishes for huge slab crappie on an east Texas reservoir.

Episode 104 - Lake Barkley

FLW Tour professionals Mark Rose and Billy McDonald explore the backwaters of Lake Barkley near Dover, Tennessee.

Episode 105 - KVD's Nasty Day

B.A.S.S. Elite Series angler Kevin VanDam braves wind and rain to chase smallmouth on a small lake outside of Traverse City, Michigan.

Episode 106 - East Texas Crappie

Wally Marshall, Mr. Crappie, uses a long pole technique to fish for crappie in East Texas.

Episode 107 - It's a Rage!

Strike King's John Barns and Phil Marks chase largemouth bass using a new bladed swim jig, the Rage Blade.

Episode 108 - Port Huron

Lake Huron is known for its smallmouth fishing.  Mark Zona and John Barns from Strike King fish for these browns in early winter.

Episode 109 - Pitchin' Hot

Elite Series angler James Niggemeyer fishes a shallow water pattern in east Texas for largemouth when the temperatures soar.

Episode 110 - Drop Shot KVD

Kevin VanDam utilizes one of his favorite techniques drop-shotting smallmouth bass near Traverse City, Michigan.

Episode 111 - Crappie Thunder

Wally Marshall, Mr. Crappie, fishes for crappie at night in East Texas.

Episode 112 - Idaho Denny

Bass fishing Legend Denny Brauer fishes for largemouth bass in Northern Idaho.

Episode 113 - Louisiana Marsh

2014 B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year Greg Hackney fishes the marshy waters of Grosse Savanne with Strike King's Lure designer Phil Marks for Largemouth Bass.

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