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Season: 2016

Episode 901 - Steven J. Wyoming

Year 19 at Seven J. Outfitters in Wyoming. This year is the biggest year ever, with more TV shows in camp than ever before. Realtree’s David Blanton plays cat and mouse with a monster whitetail, to finally get a long shot on the last day.

Episode 902 - Gila Elk

Realtree’s David Blanton hunts the Gila National Forest in New Mexico for bugling bulls.

Episode 903 - JB Kansas Whitetails

Realtree’s David Blanton and producer Daniel Thomas hunt with JB Outfitters in Kansas during the pre-rut.

Episode 904 - Wagonhound Elk with Ben and Bill

Bill Jordan takes his longtime friend Ben McDonald on his first elk hunt in Wyoming.

Episode 905 - Late Season Iowa

David Blanton battles the cold late season weather in Iowa in search of a giant whitetail with his bow.

Episode 906 - Texas Whitetails

Realtree’s David Blanton and Tyler Jordan travel to the Lone Star State.

Episode 907 - A Milk River Hunt of a Lifetime

David Blanton fulfills a 5 year promise to brain cancer survivor Chip Madren.

Episode 908 - Turkeys in the South

Realtree's Turkey season jam packed into one show.

Episode 909 - Colorado Mule Deer

Realtree's David Blanton and Chris Griffin hunt with Fred Eichler in Colorado during the blistering cold weather of December.

Episode 910 - Bill and Family Hunt the Farms

Realtree's Bill Jordan loves nothing more than taking his kids hunting. During the fall they love hunting the family farm outside of Columbus, Georgia.

Episode 911 - David Runs Camera

David Blanton takes it back to his roots as he gives us a look at what happens behind the lens.

Episode 912 - The Jordan's Hunt Kansas

Bill and Tyler Jordan hunt with friend and outfitter Perry Ross in Kansas.

Season: 2015

Episode 801 - Wyoming Western Whitetails

Realtree’s David Blanton is joined by Duck Dynasty’s Justin Martin, John Godwin, and Friends for Realtree’s Annual trip to Wyoming. The group hunting with Seven J Outfitters, go after western whitetails for the opening week of deer season.

Episode 802 - Blanton New Mexico Elk

After a successful hunt last year with Trophy Ridge Outfitters, David Blanton Returns this year hoping to keep his success going.

Episode 803 - Jordan Kansas Whitetail

Realtree’s Bill Jordan along with his son Tyler hunt Kansas during the Rut. Big Bucks are on the move.

Episode 804 - Wyoming Elk/Bill and Tyler/Wagonhound

Wagonhound Ranch in Wyoming is a special place when it comes to hunting monster bulls. Bill Jordan and his son Tyler bow hunt the famed ranch in early September.

Episode 805 - Early Season Montana

David Blanton heads back to Montana for a early season archery hunt.

Episode 806 - The Hunt for Houdini

Every so often a buck shows up that defines a season. When a buck of a lifetime appears for Realtree’s David Blanton he finds himself questioning his priorities, as he tries put a tag on a Kansas buck nicknamed Houdini.

Episode 807 - Iowa Bill

Bill Jordan hunts with longtime friends Don and Kandi Kisky in Iowa.

Episode 808 - David's First OK Deer Hunt

David Blanton has hunted many states during his career at Realtree. But he has never hunted Oklahoma, until this year.

Episode 809 - Georgia Fire Station Buck

Bill Jordan has hunted a buck named Fire Station for the Last two years. Having come close on a few occasions he’s hoping that this year will be the year he gets to arrow this Georgia Giant.

Episode 810 - Christmas at Realtree Farms

Christmas for the Jordan family means spending time as a family in a deer stand. Realtree’s Bill Jordan hunts with his three children as the deer season comes to an end.

Episode 811 - The Hunt for Houdini

Every so often a buck shows up that defines a season. When a buck of a lifetime appears for Realtree’s David Blanton he finds himself questioning his priorities, as he tries put a tag on a Kansas buck nicknamed Houdini.

Season: 2014

Episode 701 - 7J Deer

David Blanton goes back to his early season honey hole in Wyoming.

Episode 702 - New Mexico Elk

Bill Jordan and David Blanton hunt elk during the rut in New Mexico.

Episode 703 - Montana Deer

David Blanton heads to beautiful state of Montana to hunt whitetails.

Episode 704 - Kansas Giants

Bill and Tyler Jordan meet up with Lee and Tiffany Lakosky in Kansas.

Episode 705 - Wyoming Elk - Father & Son

David Blanton and his son Harman hunt Elk in Wyoming.

Episode 706 - Graycen's First Buck

Bill Jordan’s daughter, Graycen, has picked up the family tradition and hunts Georgia all fall to try and fill her tags.

Episode 707 - Kansas Deer - David & Daniel

David Blanton and Realtree Producer Daniel Thomas hunt whitetails in Kansas.

Episode 708 - Missouri Whitetails

Longtime friends Bill Jordan and Brad Harris hunt the rut.

Episode 709 - Illinois Whitetail

David Blanton hunts the Illinois rut.

Episode 710 - Bill - Wagonhound, Wyoming

Bill Jordan hunts elk in Wyoming.

Episode 711 - Miss Kansas - Kansas

Theresa Vail, also known as Miss Kansas 2014, goes on a quest to get her first buck with a bow, while David is there to capture it.

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