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Episode Guide

Season: 2013

Nick Mundt's Wyoming Elk, Antelope, and Mule Deer

Nick Mundt heads to Seven J Outfitters with a pocket full of tags. He completes the trifecta with his Remington 300 Ultra Mag.

Realtree Road Trips' Turkey Killing

Team Realtree is known for capturing some of the best turkey hunts around and this year is no different. We hit the turkey woods and made many a turkey flop awful close to the camera.

Michael Waddell and Nick Mundt in North Dakota

North Dakota has been producing some huge whitetail bucks of the past years. Realtree Road Trips host Nick Mundt travels north and hangs some killer tree stand setups. Michael Waddell comes in and seals the deal on a wide North Dakota 8 Pointer. The early goose season is in and with some brand new Hardcore decoys; these geese don’t have a chance.

Nick Mundt in Snowy Nebraska

Nick Mundt has found a new favorite hunting location in Northwest Nebraska. Knowing the terrain a little bit better this year Nick gets the break he was looking for in the year’s first winter storm. With a fresh 6 inches of snow on the ground the deer movement is picking way up and it looks like Nick is sitting in the perfect location.

Travis “T-Bone” Turner in Illinois

Illinois has had Travis Turner coming back year after year. This year T-Bone strikes again with another great muzzleloader whitetail.

Seven J Outfitters' Turkey

Six inches of snow, the temperature never getting above 30, doesn’t that sound like perfect turkey hunting weather? The Road Trips crew gets it done however limiting out in Wyoming and capturing one of the most unbelievable turkey hunts ever just over the state line in South Dakota.

Nick Mundt's Muley and Whitetail in South Dakota

South Dakota is a target rich environment and Nick Mundt has both a whitetail and mule deer tag in his pocket. With the ol’ Remington in tote Nick punches his tag on two magnificent animals from South Dakota.

Michael Waddell's Kansas Giant

Michael Waddell has always wanted to own a piece of land and kill a truly giant whitetail with his bow. This year his quest is complete, right outside Stafford Kansas, where he kills his biggest buck ever.

Travis “T-Bone” Turner in Indiana

Hunting out of tree house is not the everyday norm for T-Bone. But, he makes it happen in less than two hours in the sleeper state of Indiana.

Nick Mundt in Colorado

Eastern Colorado is home to giant mule deer and Nick Mundt would love to have a huge muley for his wall. Hunting the eastern plains of Colorado for 2 years now Nick is hopeful, but will he be successful?

Nick Mundt in Texas

Texas is full of huge whitetails and tags are easy to come by. Nick Mundt heads to the Lone star state with his Hoyt in hand and plenty of tags to fill.

Season: 2012

Introduction to New Hosts

This year on Realtree Roadtrips we have added two new faces to the Roadtrip crew. These two gentlemen have always been around Roadtrips but this year we have decided to make them official hosts alongside Michael Waddell. Welcome to the crew, Travis “T-bone” Turner and Nicholas Wayne Mundt. On this show we will take a look back at some memories of these two guys on Roadtrips from years past.

Nick's Wyoming Mule Deer

Nick Mundt heads to where his hunting career started with 7J outfitters in search of a giant mule deer. With good friend Michael Aberle doing some pre season scouting these mule deer have been patterned and the hunt should be a slam-dunk! Well, lets just say, its easier said than done.

Michael's Montana Elk/Deer

Michael Waddell heads to Bear Paw hunts in search of his first Montana bull elk. Hopefully he can strike quick, putting a bull in the back of the truck and then head north to God’s country, the Milk River. The Milk River however, might have a surprise for ol’ Waddell, one I guarantee he has never seen before.


When springtime rolls around the Roadtrip’s crew hunts in full force holding nothing back as they chase long beards all across the southeast. Join as Michael; Nick and others join in the fun as turkeys are a sent to flopping.

Kansas 1

Kansas has always been one of Michael’s favorite Midwest states to hunt. This year is no different as he heads to McMillan outfitters in search of a giant Kansas whitetail. With the rut in full swing Michael come oh so close to a giant and also has a buck show up with a little jewelry!

Kansas 2

Michael finally seals the deal on a buck with, lets say, a little extra baggage on this episode. We also tag along as Phillip Culpepper hunts late into the rifle season with frigid temperatures and his chance at a giant Kansas buck.

T-Bone in Illinois

Travis Turner has been cursed when it comes to hunting Illinois. But, with persistence Travis seals the deal with his Thompson Center Muzzleloader after a season full of encounters with Illinois bucks.

Nick in Nebraska

Nick heads to what some call a sleeper state in Nebraska with Buer Ranch Outfitters. It has been dry in this area so Nick sets some water hole ground blinds where it doesn’t take long for him to find what he has been looking for.

Mexico 1

Mexico is starting to become a regular stop for the Roadtrips crew and the action is nothing short of amazing. T-Bone heads down with Mexico Outfitters Unlimited and finds the buck movement is at full Throttle.

Mexico 2

Mexico continues to be good for T-Bone with more big buck killing and a few javelinas. But. Michael Waddell cant let Travis have all the fun, so he decides to jump in on the action.

New Mexico Elk from Season 1

The first show ever filmed for Realtree Roadtrips was an elk hunt in New Mexico. This week we re live this hunt with Michael as he reflects back on that very first show.

Off Season Bowfish/Gator/Hog

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean the Road Trips crew gives up hunting. Nick and T-bone head to Florida to do a little off-season work killing hogs, gators, and a ton of fish. There is no off season for the Road Trips guys.

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