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Edwin Evers

Edwin Evers

From Edwin: "I've got a beautiful wife and healthy kids – and they lend me their unparalleled support. God's given me the opportunity to pursue my lifelong dream. A dream that started as a boy growing up in Texas, and grew stronger as I attended college near Lake Texoma, Oklahoma. I take my profession very seriously, and as my old college football coaches would attest, I'm a very competitive person. But along with the competition comes heaps of humility, occasional victories and my unending desire to never stop learning. I want to offer you a heartfelt personal thanks for visiting my site and the links to my sponsors' pages. Without a great family, the best sponsors in the industry – and YOU the fans – this childhood dream I live each day would have never have been a reality."

Hometown: Talala, Oklahoma

Family: Tuesday (wife) Kylee (daughter) Kade (son)

Angling Heros:

  • Rick Clunn - "He's just a master. I respect him a great deal, and guys like him have paved the way for us."
  • Mark Davis - "He's just a great guy, a great role model, and he can catch them."

Favorite Lakes: Sam Rayburn (TX), Toledo Bend (TX/LA), Lake Amistad (TX) - "They're chock full of bass."

Least Favorite Lake: "Any natural Florida lake, particularly Toho and Kissimmee."

Favorite Technique: Chunking a spinnerbait

Primary Fishing Strength: Versatility

Secondary Fishing Strength: Shallow power fishing

Biggest Weakness: Being too stubborn

Boat: Nitro Z9

Motor: Mercury

Kevin VanDam

Kevin VanDam

Kevin VanDam is a Major League Fishing angler and a two-time Summit Cup winner.

In the world of professional bass fishing, Kevin VanDam is at the pinnacle and arguably the best in the world. He’s the complete package – fierce competitor with multiple championships, ambassador to the sport, and family man.

Professional bass fishing has risen to a major sports level in recent years with regular season and national championships televised on ESPN2. “When it comes to professional bass fishing, Kevin VanDam is as close to perfection as I’ve ever seen,” says ESPN Outdoors Commentator Mark Zona. “in my mind, he is the best of this era and will be the best I cover as long as I am a commentator.” In fact, VanDam was honored with the first-ever Outdoorsman of the Year ESPY trophy at ESPN’s televised awards program in 2002. As the all-time money winner on the Bassmaster Tournament trail, VanDam has earned more than $6 million through 2016, captured four Bassmaster Classic titles (2001, 2005, 2010, 2011) and seven Toyota Tundra Angler of Year titles (1992, ‘96, ‘99, ‘08, ’09, '10 and ‘11)

The Bassmaster Classic title is the most coveted in bass fishing, attracting the best anglers in the world who qualify for it through a regular season schedule. VanDam has earned berths in 24 consecutive Classics since he turned full-time pro in 1992, the longest running Classic qualification streak of any active pro. In 263 career Bassmaster events, he’s won 20, finished second 13 times and landed in the top 10 an amazing 100 times! The 46-year-old pro honed his angling skills while growing up in Michigan where he had the opportunity to fish for a variety of fish species, including trout, salmon, muskies, walleyes and northern pike. “You can learn a lot by fishing different species in the diverse variety of lakes and rivers we have in Michigan,” he offered. “But bass is my first love.” As a teenager, VanDam dominated tournament circuits around his Kalamazoo home, winning The Michigan BASS Federation Angler of Year twice before turning pro. At age 23, he became the youngest to win the Toyota Tundra Angler of the Year title, collected an unprecedented 23 consecutive in-the-money finishes and shattered tournament records. VanDam and his wife Sherry have two twin boys, Jackson and Nicholas. When he’s not touring, you’ll find him spending time with his boys – fishing during the summer and deer hunting in the off-season.

Ott DeFoe

Ott DeFoe

Fans know Ott DeFoe as a competitor on the Bassmaster Elite Series and a Major League Fishing pro. Here is how he got to that point ...

Arthur (Ott) F. DeFoe was born on September 17, 1985 to Bud and Erieka DeFoe in Knoxville, TN. When he was 9 years he took a trip to Okeechobee, FL and that’s where his love for bass fishing began.

Ott fished his first tournament that fall with his dad and they did not catch a fish! From that next spring til fall they fished in over 50 tournaments. They did not have a lot of success but that did not stop him from trying. It took over two years of fishing local tournaments before they ever got their first check. When Ott turned 12 he joined the East Tennessee Bass Anglers club. It was there that he learned most of the skills he possesses today.

Jason Nichols, whom he still fishes local team trails with today, was an important part to Ott’s success. Ott started fishing the BFL Mountain division when he was 16 and still in high school. At 17, Ott finished 13th in the points in the Choo Choo division. That next year he moved up to the Stren level and success kept exceding his own expectations. When the FLW Series started up Ott fished those. He had just turned 21 when he qualified for the FLW Tour. 2009 and 2010 were solid seasons.

By finishing 5th in the 2010 Bassmaster Southern Opens Ott qualified to fish the prestigious Basssmaster Elite Series. He became the first Tennessean in the Elite Series when he accepted the invitation to fish against the top 100 Bassmaster anglers in November 2010. Ott won the 2011 Bassaster Rookie of the Year award and then ended the season by winning the Toyota Trucks All Star Week.

Ott lives in Knoxville, TN with his wife, Jennie, daughter, Abbie and twins Parker and Elizabeth. His family travels to most of the tournaments with him in support. If it weren't for all the support his entire family shows him this would not be possible. While Ott is at home he actively participates at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church and fishes the BAIT trail.

Rick Clunn

Rick Clunn

2005 Voted All-Time Greatest Bass Angler by fans (ESPN ALL-TIME GREATEST ANGLER DEBATE)

Career winnings:

  • 1st Place finishes: 20 National events.
  • Top 10s: Over 150 in National events.


  • 1976,1977,1984, and 1990 Bass Masters Classic World Champion.
  • 1988 B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year.
  • 28 consecutive years qualifying for the Bass Masters Classic World Championship.
  • Qualified for 32 Bass Masters Classic World Championships.
  • 1st Angler to win a million dollars in competitive bass fishing.
  • 1985 Redman All-American Champion.
  • 1983,1986 U.S. Open Champion.
  • 14 B.A.S.S. National Championship wins.
  • Holds the Bass Master Classic World Championship all-time catch Record of 75#9.
  • FLW Champion Ross Barnett, Mississippi Feb. 1997.
  • FLW Champion Beaver Lake, Arkansas April 2000.
  • FLW Champion Pickwick, Alabama Lake June 2000.
  • 2001 B.A.S.S. Mega-Bucks Champion.
  • All-Time leading money winner FLW Tour, over $700,000.
  • Inducted Bass Fishing Hall of Fame 2001.
  • Inducted Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame 2001.
  • 2002 B.A.S.S. Central Open Sam Rayburn Champion.
  • 2005 Voted All-Time Greatest Bass Angler by fans (ESPN ALL-TIME GREATEST ANGLER DEBATE)

Largest Bass: 13#15 Alabama.

Bass Fishing Hero: Holmes B. Clunn, father.


Before becoming a full time Professional Bass Angler in March of 1976, Rick worked for 10 years in Houston, TX. in the Exxon Oil company's Computing Center. It was the 2nd largest computing center in the world at that time. NASA was the largest.

Caught first bass at age 6 on a red-white Lucky 13.

Guided on Lake Conroe Texas for 14 years (1975-1989).

Quote: One of the questions Rick is most often asked is "What would you tell young, aspiring fisherpersons?" His answer is, "Live your dream!" No matter what it requires, you must be true to your self. Whether it translates into honors and awards must be set aside. Whether you have the approval of others must be ignored. Being happy and in harmony with the rest of creation comes only when your pursue your heart felt dreams. Real dreams are dynamic. There is no final destination. It is more accurately a continuous journey where you experience your higher self in the most intimate way imaginable. You realize your dream is your vehicle to search for perfection. It is your art form, which gives you the creative ability to give back to creation. His angling journey has been his greatest teacher. It has become his infinite quest to reconnect with the wonders of creation. Creation's greatest gift was our creation. Our greatest gift in return is to fulfill our creative potential.

Stacey King

Stacey King

Stacey has been fishing since he was about 5 years old - that gives him about 60 years of bass fishing experience!

Just fishing was very exciting to him but in his late teens, about the time Ray Scott started BASS and his joining the Ozark Bass club in Springfield, MO, he was bitten by the competitive angling bug. He guided for many years on Tablerock and the White River lakes and finally was able to enter his first Bassmaster event in the mid eighties. He’s qualified for 12 Bassmaster classics and 4 Forrest Wood Championships. He’s amassed over 1.3 million in earnings in the combined circuits. He credits Tommy Martin, Rick Clunn, and Larry Nixon for help shaping his career.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of his career has been his relationship with Bass Pro Shops and Tracker Marine. These have been the greatest companies to be associated with and we’ve sure had a lot of fun along the way.

Stacey and his wife, Peggy, have three grandkids that they love to spend time with. Zeb (13), Langley (11), and Wit (6).They all like to fish, but Wit is eat up with it! Zeb has taken 2 quality white tail bucks the last 2 years and Langley is going to be an Olympic volleyball player!


  • 12 time Bassmaster qualifier
  • 3 time Forrest Wood Cup qualifier
  • 2 time B.A.S.S. winner

Tim Horton

Tim Horton

Quick Facts with Tim Horton

Years Pro: 15

Bassmaster Classics Fished: 10


  • BASS Angler of the Year (2000)
  • Former BASS Angler of the Year
  • Four time Bassmaster Champion
  • BASS Open Points Champion
  • Major League Fishing Competitor
  • Youngest recipient of ESPN's 35 greatest anglers of all time

Angling Heros:

  • Mark Davis - "I admire the humility he has with all of his success."
  • Father - "Because of the values and work ethic he taught me."

Home Lake: Pickwick Lake (AL)

Favorite Lake: "Lake Champlain (NY/VT). It's so full of fish, both largemouths and smallmouths. A close second would be Cedar Creek Lake, where I grew up."

Least Favorite Lake: "I'd have to say the Red River chain, not because it's a bad fishery but because I've done so badly there."

Favorite Technique: Offshore structure (deep cranking)

Primary Fishing Strength: Fishing around grass

Secondary Fishing Strength: Deep offshore structure

Biggest Weakness: Low-weight tournaments

Boat: Nitro

Motor: Mercury

Ish Monroe

Home Lake: California Delta and Clear Lake (CA)

Favorite Lake: California Delta and Clear Lake (CA) - "I love them both equally."

Favorite Technique: Flipping mats - "Any bite could be a double-digit fish."

Primary Fishing Strength: Flipping

Secondary Fishing Strength: Dad ­"He taught me so much about life and how to be successful."

When Not Fishing: "I'm always fishing. I like to fish for anything. Carp, bluegill, crappie as long as I'm fishing I'm happy."

Why He Fishes: "Because I love it. For me it's the purest thing in the world. I'd rather fish than do anything."

Davy Hite

  • 2-Time B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year
  • Bassmaster Classic Champion
  • FLW Championship Winner
  • 9 First Place Victories
  • 14-Time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier
  • Host of's "First Look"

Chris Lane

Chris Lane

  • 2012 Bassmaster Classic Champion
  • 3 -Time Bassmaster Elite Series Winner
  • 7-Time B.A.S.S. Winner
  • 6-Time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier
  • 26 Top-Ten B.A.S.S. finishes
  • Host of Annual Kids Fishing Day

Randy Howell

Randy Howell

  • 2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion
  • 14 Time Classic Qualifier
  • 4 Time Bass Winner
  • 1 Time FLW Tour Winner
  • 34 BASS Top 10’s
  • 21 Year Veteran
  • 154 Times in the Money

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