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Meet The Host(s)

Steven Sumner

Range Supervisor at the Knob Creek Gun Range
Kenny’s brother, Chad’s uncle, father to Stephanie and Payton

Steven is the charming and carefree, self-proclaimed oddball of the Sumner family. Sporting his trademark Mohawk, he’s a true sight to behold. He’s also funny, smart and a complete original: a down-to-earth family man with the free spirit of a child. Letting his brother, Kenny, work the nuts, bolts and numbers of the family gun range, Steven is often able to shape his own schedule. With that time, he might be off dealing with his kids or neighbors; or he might be out drumming-up new business for the range. But more often than not, he’s getting creative for range customers who want a shooting experience beyond paper targets. Steven is both the “soul” and the “working grunt” at one of the most famous shooting ranges in the world. His thoughts on that mixed honor: a slight shrug.

Gran-Pa Biff Sumner, Jr.

Owner of the Knob Creek Gun Range
Sumner patriarch

One of Kentucky’s Grand Old Men when it comes to rifles, pistols and machine guns, Gran-pa stands tall in the region, even though every person around him is a few feet higher. Biff created the biannual event that put KCR on the world map: “The KCR Machine Gun Shoot.” The “KCR Machine Gun Shoot” is the largest event of its kind, and it’s part of an empire that includes the Knob Creek Gun Range, the nearby Lilʼ Biffʼs Motel and Biff’s Gun World (a shop of collectables a lot like the man himself: eccentric, eclectic, wildly-scattered and quite fascinating).

Kenny Sumner

Co-Owner of the Knob Creek Gun Range
Steven’s brother and Chad’s father

Kenny is the official “boss” at KCR, even though Biff still calls many of the shots – and even though his son, Chad, and brother, Steven, often try to pull rank. Still, Kenny is polite, business-minded and savvy when it comes to haggling over gun prices and knowing a good deal when he sees one. Kenny is the quintessential “Good Cop” of the range; levelheaded, calm and smiling to all. He’s neither the dreamer nor the schemer that we often see in Steven and Chad, but that’s for the good of the family business. KCR has a steady captain with Kenny.

Chad Sumner

Sales Manager at the Knob Creek Gun Range
Kenny’s son, Steven’s nephew, Biff’s grandson

Handsome, young and filled with gun knowledge, Chad is addicted to shooting – and of course, like all Sumners, he’s darn good at it. A cross between his down-to-Earth father, Kenny, and his unpredictable uncle, Steven, Chad is also a devoted husband and father – even though he still has a lot of growing up to do himself. Chad works both the gun shop and the range at KCR, knowing how to sell, evaluate and fire anything with a trigger. Like Uncle Steven, Chad works with customers who want elaborate, live-ammo fantasies brought to life on the range, helping to stage everything from Civil War battles to 1934 mobster take-downs.

Stephanie Sumner

Office Manager at the Knob Creek Gun Range
Steven’s daughter, Kenny’s niece, Biff’s granddaughter

She loves guns, family and the “Great State of Kentucky” – and yet, Stephanie is still clearly the apple that fell somewhat far from the tree. Mature, organized and grounded, Stephanie is a blond country girl who suffers the taunts and teases of her cousin, Chad, the indignities of her dad grilling her boyfriends and she’ll loudly tell you that her head hurts from the stupid things spoken by her brother, Payton. Still, she loves them all and does her part at the range. Educated and curious about the world, Stephanie just might be the Sumner who one day crosses the county line—until Steven puts a halt to that.

Payton Sumner

Maintenance Clerk at the Knob Creek Gun Range
Steven’s son, Kenny’s nephew, Biff’s grandson

Payton is the kind of teen that makes fathers blow their stack; easygoing Steven often pops a gasket thanks to Payton. On some days, Payton considers hanging with his buddies, and shooting a few rifles to be a busy day. But occasionally, when interested, Payton will work hard at KCR, taking part in those wild and explosive fantasy experiences that only his dad can orchestrate. Sweet, bright, unflappable and strangely centered, Payton rounds out the Knob Creek Gun Range crew.

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