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Chad Glauser

Chad Glauser

Big game hunter, family man and man of faith. Chad Glauser grew up chasing whitetails in the back country of Utah with his father. Over the years, hunting became more than a passion, it became part of Chad’s DNA. In 2008 Chad and his wife decided it was time to answer the call of Alaska moving the family north. Here they would continue to build upon their love for the outdoors and big game adventure. Also an accomplished bow hunter, Chad recently trekked across New Zealand, Australia and Africa in pursuit of big game with his family. Getting kids involved in the outdoors is top priority for Chad passing on the family tradition and passion for hunting to his boys.

As a big game hunter Chad also shares a flare for the grill with wild game culinary skills. Year round he stays in ‘outdoor’ shape through body building competitions giving viewers an inside knowledge of becoming their own ‘wilderness’ athlete. A message resonating with the new age hunters.

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