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Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson, born and raised in cental Michigan, still resides in the Great Lake State. The future American Archer received his first bow when at 7 years old and was instantly enthralled with the bow and arrow, shooting nearly everyday. An avid target and field archer throughout his early and late teens, Nelson competed in tournaments throughout the Midwest.

During those early years he was employed at Anderson Archery (the largest archery shop in the world) in Grand Ledge Michigan. There he was fortunate enough to meet and become friends with some of bowhunting's greatest archers: Fred Bear, Jim Dougherty, Chuck Adams and M.R. James.

In 1997, Wolf Creek Productions approached Tom with the idea of starting up a new archery-only show for Outdoor Channel. Thus, he started his long career as host of "The American Archer."

Nelson now does double duty as co-host of Wolf Creek's new show, "Deer City USA." With more and more whitetail bowhunting taking place in the suburbs and city edges of the Midwest, "Deer City USA" is the new perfect venue to tag record book bucks. Over the past 35 years Tom Nelson has bowhunted seven countries and 23 states, tagging over 30 different species of big game with a bow and arrow.

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