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Steve Gruber

Steve Gruber

Steve Gruber has been a TV and radio professional for more than 25 years. Steve’s been a personality on Outdoor Channel since 1994. Raised in rural southern Michigan, Steve delivers that genuine common sense approach to the outdoors, the way only someone weaned on hunting and fishing really can. Like Steve might say, there is no substitute for experience.


Mark 'Uncle Millie' Millis

Mark was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan. His father owned a welding shop right next door and on the other side of the house, his Aunt and Uncle owned the most popular gun shop in Mid-Michigan. Hence, his future was pre-determined.

Mark began his journey into mechanical know-how at age six with his first mini-bike. It was this mini-bike that turned Mark into a self confessed “Motorhead”! He continued to tickle the wrenches on everything from old outboard engines to heavy construction equipment but his true passion remains motorcycles. He owns a total of twenty-two bikes of all different makes and models including his preferred ride, a nearly mint-condition 1965 Pan-head. Needless to say, Mark has turned his skills into Wolf Creek’s mechanical savior, which translates primarily into Steve Gruber’ s personal Mr. Fix-it. He’s the one who makes everything with a sparkplug of Wolf Creek’s, “Good To Go”! He’s also a 3rd generation journeyman ironworker and owns an ornamental iron workshop. He holds the title of Master Iron Artist endorsed by Michigan State University and in 2002, was named Ornamental Iron Artist of the year.

Fortunately, Mark’s passion doesn’t end with the ratchet set. His love of the outdoors, including hunting and fishing, actually trumps his mechanical attributes. From farm pond panfish to Great Lake’s salmon, from cottontail rabbits to wiley whitetails, Mark is in pursuit of all game species.

Sorry ladies, Mark is married to the love of his life, Ann the Angel. Together, they are a culinary duo of wild games delights. The Millis kitchen is a professional grade masterpiece. Don’t plan on losing weight if given the chance to visit.

Mark has used his combined knowledge to become a co-host of Wolf Creek Productions’ “Deer City, USA” seen Thursdays on Outdoor Channel.

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