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Ken Cobb

Ken Cobb

Growing up in the Carolinas, co-host Ken Cobb pursued many different sports. So many, that when it came to taking up hunting, he simply did not have the time. It wasn’t until his college roommate asked him to go on a week-long camping and bowhunting trip that he found an activity that would forever change the way he lived his life. After that trip, it took Ken three years to bag his first whitetail, but by then he was hooked.

It has been 24 years since that whitetail, and Ken has pursued hunting in 12 states, as well as Mexico and Canada. This includes a Coues Deer Hunt in Senora, Mexico during which he spent five days climbing mountains with a non-English speaking guide. Although rigorous and physically challenging, Ken recalls this hunt as the most memorable of his life.

A former member of the API and Outland Sports Fieldstaff and a current PSE and Easton Arrow ProStaffer, Ken has taken several Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett Deer with his bow. And although Ken is skilled at all types of hunting, his favorite game remains whitetail and turkey.

Looking back, Ken says that he would have never guessed that he would be where he is today as the host of an outdoors show, however, he believes that he is truly living the dream and wouldn’t change it for the world. Neither would we at Carolina Outdoors.