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Gregg Ritz

Gregg Ritz

Gregg Ritz is a highly respected household name in every arena of the outdoor industry. His extensive and diverse role in television for the past 15 years has lead to success in other avenues, including personality endorsements, brand management, mergers and acquisitions, and many other industry-shaping pursuits. Gregg is also one of the industry’s most accomplished hunters, with a long list of record book accomplishments across the globe. For the past 30 years his dedication for adventure hunting is unmatched, his technical muzzleloading expertise and passion for archery is world renowned, his scouting and land management skills are second-to-none, and his use of innovative hunting tactics has made him an authority on big game hunting worldwide. In addition to Hunt Masters, Gregg is also a co-host on Whitetail Country TV show on Versus and regularly appears on Realtree’s Monster Bucks DVD and television series.

“There are those who are born with an instinct to hunt, an insatiable desire to pursue adventure and match wits with the world’s toughest big game trophies. They put aside personal comfort to brave the elements and overcome all odds where one’s reward is measured in sweat equity, miles traversed and success in the field. This is Hunt Masters” ~ Gregg Ritz

Web Site: http://www.greggritz.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/greggritz

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