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Jimmy 'Big Time' Miller

If Ghandi, Mike Tyson, Mother Teresa and Abraham Lincoln had a child that was pretty good with a shotgun, that child would be – Jimmy “Big Time” Miller. Miller is an enigma, wrapped in a mystery and tied together with a bow of awesomeness. He has called himself “The Father of Outdoor Television” for many years and encourages the countless fans he encounters throughout this great country to do the same. He is currently the executive producer, on-air host and director of the hunting/fishing/shooting television program, Jimmy Big Time – scheduled to air in 2009 on Outdoor Channel, America’s Leader in Outdoor TV.

Like many great Americans before him, Jimmy Miller had an unremarkable childhood in which remarkable circumstances were thrust upon him. Born in Clearwater County, Minnesota (“Source of the Mississippi”), Miller spent his childhood learning the ways of the land. When he was only five, young James Miller – while fishing with friends and family one morning – came up with the phrase, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” The Chinese would have you believe that they came up with that “proverb.” They didn’t... Five-year-old Jimmy Miller made it up. In the years to come, Miller was also the first to introduce phrases such as: “my bad”; the ironic use of the phrase “Good Times” and “Uh Oh…Spaghetti-O’s” into the lexicon.

Although never actually tested in a scientific setting, Jimmy Miller had an IQ that was deemed “too advanced” for entry into nearby Pine Technical College. Shunning the restraints of academia, Jimmy Miller decided that his intelligence, intuition and outdoor skills would be best served in the only true place for a man of his intelligence and desire: as an unpaid intern for St. Cloud Community Access Television, Channel 8.

It was at the community access level that Jimmy Miller learned the inner workings of show business. As cameraman, apprentice editor and field producer for such local outdoor favorites as Hook it Up! with Ben Bainbridge, Reel It In! with Ken Sampson, and Cast it Out! with Troy Kirk, Miller soon learned that in order to become the greatest outdoor entertainer on the planet, he’d have to make a move to the front of the camera. Borrowing the station’s equipment for the weekend (and taking his friends Alex and Chuck along with him) Jimmy made history by filming 26 episodes of his new show, Don’t Rush It! with James P. Miller in two days. The shows were an instant success, and Jimmy never looked back.

It is not an easy task to be the executive producer, host and director of the most important local-market-turned-national outdoor television show in the world, but Jimmy “Big Time” Miller relishes the challenge. The strength of his millions upon millions of loyal fans and the humility and heart of a champion are the secrets of “Big Time’s” success.


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