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Jim Zumbo

Jim Zumbo

If there was a hunting university, Jim Zumbo would be the Dean. For more than forty years, Jim’s articles on hunting—specifically big game hunting—have been celebrated by readers and other notable hunters across the world. Recognized as one of the leading hunting authorities, Jim serves as a board member for several conservationist organizations and has been cited by United States Senators.

Long before he became a living legend among the hunting community, Jim was a young man working in upstate New York as a forester and wildlife biologist. Having degrees in both disciplines, Jim worked for fifteen years to stabilize wildlife populations and preserve their natural habitat.

Jim began his writing career after publishing an article in a 1962 issue of Outdoor Life magazine. Over the course of the next 16 years, Jim saw his work published in thousands of magazines and his influence as a hunting authority began to grow. In 1978, he became a full-time editor at Outdoor Life, first as a Western Editor, then Editor-At-Large, and then Hunting Editor. While he has written about hunting all sorts of game, he is widely regarded as the foremost authority on big game hunting.

After a celebrated career as an outdoor writer, Jim Zumbo teamed-up with Outdoor Channel several years ago to create the program Jim Zumbo Outdoors, which takes an in-depth look at the world of hunting and uses Jim’s journalistic prowess to unearth the unique details of each hunt and to share his vast knowledge with his audience.

In 2008, due to his past work with wounded service members, Zumbo was appointed by the Paralyzed Veterans of America to be the National Spokesman for its Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund. In 2009, his ongoing program of introducing injured or paralyzed vets to no-cost hunting trips was also highlighted on Outdoor Channel with the Jim Zumbo Outdoors: Wounded Warriors series.

In addition to his writing and television careers, Zumbo is an avid chef and a green thumb. He is an active member of a number of organizations, including the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (in which he’s served on the Board of Directors), National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, and the National Rifle Association.

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