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Bob Richardson

Bob Richardson

When you talk about someone who has lived and experienced the outdoor industry for 40-plus years Bob Richardson’s name most likely comes up. At the age of five Bob’s father, Bob Sr. made certain that each weekend’s fishing or hunting trip included Bob.

Bob’s outdoor experience has encompassed 35 years in the boat business – selling boats, designing boats, racing offshore boats – and two decades of fishing the bass tournament circuits.

Twenty years ago, Bob hooked up with another lifelong outdoor enthusiast, Larry Woodward. It was like a match made in heaven! Bob and Larry soon started their new careers as hosts of the television show Outdoors in the Heartland.

Larry Woodward

Larry Woodward

Larry Woodward, co-host of Outdoors in the Heartland and ScentBlocker Most Wanted, grew up near the Mississippi River in Northeast Missouri guiding hunters and fishermen. He went on to do seminars and The Outdoor Guide radio show in the mid-‘80s, eventually switching to television in the mid-‘90s.

Larry’s passion ranges from Smallmouth Bass fishing to Big Game hunting, and he has always wanted to show the everyday outdoorsman where and how they too can fish and pursue North America’s fish and game.

Lauren Thomas

Lauren grew up hunting in southern Illinois with miles and miles of the Shawnee National Forest at her doorstep.

That exposure is most likely what helped her decide to become a High School Science Teacher and a seasonal volunteer with the National Park Service.

Waterfowl hunting is her greatest passion and it was that sport that brought her in to contact with Bob and Larry during an outdoors trade show.

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