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Tim Burnett

Tim Burnett

First off, Tim Burnett is a husband, father and friend. Tim is also an accomplished hunter and outdoor survivalists and has been from a very early age. “Mom still tells people stories of how I would grab my backpack and sleeping bag and take off for days on end with nothing more than a fishing pole and my dad’s old 22 rifle. I usually took my younger brothers but oftentimes I was alone. Not normal behavior for a kid not yet in his teens. Not normal behavior for a mother either. I just always like feeling tough I guess.”

SOLO Hunters TV is a perfect example of Tim’s personal life and adventurous hunting style – a soloist by nature and a man who relishes in the simple things of life. “I didn’t intend anything special to come from SOLO Hunters when I first started it. I just wanted my own hunting show and SOLO was just the way I did things. Now I can’t get people to stop talking about it.”

Tim has been involved with hunting television for years, but mainly as a behind–the-scenes role as producer and editor; he continues to produce several other national television shows both in and out of the hunting world. With a rapidly growing career, business and family, Tim is ever cognizant of the hectic life that surrounds him and is always quick to retreat to the familiar comforts of nature when things seem to get going a little too fast. When asked his thoughts on hunting television in general he says, “I would rather hunt than kill any day. Too many shows nowadays get caught up in the need to show kill, kill, kill. I hope SOLO is different in that respect. I want people to remember the 30-minute adventure they just watched. Not just the horns in hand at the end of it all.”

Tim Burnett Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/solohuntertv

Tim Burnett Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/solofanpage

Remi Warren

Remi Warren

Remi Warren is as extreme of a mountain hunter as you will find anywhere, and is known for being one of the youngest international hunting outfitters in the game. After graduating high school, Remi took off the fall semester throughout college to work as an elk hunting guide in Montana and New Mexico, while going to the University of Nevada, Reno during the spring and summer, where he graduated at the top of his business class with a degree in Marketing.

At the age of 22, Remi opened Montana OutWest Outfitters in the Bitterrot Valley of Montana, specializing in elk and deer hunts on public land. At the age of 26, Remi expanded his operation overseas and started Outland Outfitters in New Zealand. He offers everything from public land Tahr backpack hunts to five-star lodge hunts for trophy red stag.

Remi spends almost every day of the year hunting. “When I am not guiding, I am hunting for myself. Being a guide and outfitter I get to hunt with people all the time, so when I go out, I like to be alone. I like to push myself and create an adventure every day. If that means embarking without all the comforts of home, so be it. If it means pushing myself farther than I can go when hunting with others, then I will do it. I think I originally started solo hunting because I never had anyone that could stay out as long as I wanted. One year I chased mule deer in the Nevada backcountry for an entire month. I think I just got used to not having to answer to anyone and relied on my own skills and abilities to survive any situation.”

Aside from guiding Remi is also an outdoor writer, currently working as a field editor for Elk Hunter Magazine and Western Hunter Magazine, two top-notch western hunting publications.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Remi-Warren

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