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  • Karen Bartuch

    Karen Bartuch

    Karen Bartuch

    Karen has been in law enforcement since 2002 working many assignments including patrol, gang & tactical teams, undercover operations, policy advisor, intelligence and counter-terrorism.
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  • Steve Gordon

    Steve Gordon

    Steve was born and raised in Los Angeles and attended Granada Hills high school. He joined the LAPD in 1988.
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  • Mike Kotowski

    Mike Kotowski

    Michael is a Sergeant with the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office, Training Section. He is also a SWAT Team Assistant Entry Team Leader.
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  • Scott McDonnold

    Scott McDonnold

    Scott has been a member of the Dallas Police Dept. since 1997. He was assigned to the Southeast patrol division.
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  • DJ Merrill

    DJ Merrill

    DJ started his law enforcement career in 2002. In October 2006, he became a member of the Street Crimes Unit Tactical Enforcement Squad.
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  • Chancey Pogue

    Chancey Pogue

    Chancey started his career in 1999 with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Institutional Division in Huntsville Texas.
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  • Neil Welch

    Neil Welch

    Neil started his career as a police officer with the Atlanta Police Department in 2001. He is a 4 year member of the SWAT Team.
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  • Jeremy Borchardt

    Jeremy Borchardt

    Jeremy has been a Dallas Police officer since August 1999. Jeremy has worked in patrol, as a rifle instructor at the firearms training center and an undercover narcotics detective.
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  • Bonner Burton

    Bonner Burton

    Bonner started his LEO career as a jail officer in Gainesville, GA in August of 1996. In September 2003, he became a member of Hall County Sheriff's Office's SWAT Team.
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  • Tony Caspers

    Tony Caspers

    Tony is currently assigned as a full time SWAT officer in the Special Operations Division and has been on the SWAT team for 19 years.
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  • Curtis Coppinger

    Curtis Coppinger

    Curtis is a Sergeant with Kansas City Missouri Police Dept. He began career in law enforcement in 2002.
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  • Greg Jones

    Greg Jones

    Greg started his LEO career as a Patrol Officer in 1998 in his hometown, after serving in the US Marine Corps. In August 2004, he was accepted as member of the SWAT Unit.
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  • Blair Rockwell

    Blair Rockwell

    Rock's career in Tactical Operations includes 20+ years on a full time civilian Police SWAT Team, and working and instructing in Close Protection and Tactical OPs.
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  • Lance Zaleski

    Lance Zaleski

    Lance Zaleski

    Lance started his LEO career in 1999 as a Patrol Officer for Canastota Police Department in Canastota NY.
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