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Taylor Drury

Taylor Drury

For her whole life, Taylor has been around hunting and learned about the outdoors from her dad, Mark, and Uncle Terry. Her dad has been taking her out since she was a little girl and now that she is older, Taylor has gained a respect for the sport. For her, there is nothing more fun than spending time with family while trying to harvest an animal. As years pass she is getting more into the producing aspect of the business and trying to become more involved with Drury Outdoors. Taylor loves turkey and deer hunting with a gun but her favorite is hunting whitetails with a bow. She believes that hunting with archery is definitely more challenging but when you get the job done you feel as if you accomplished so much more. When bow season comes around every year, Taylor makes sure to take every chance available to hunt when out of school. She will certainly continue hunting for the rest of her life because, as she says, there is no way she will ever get tired of those unforgettable hunts.


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