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Eric Bothun

Eric and Lee have been hunting together since their early years. Eric is the older cousin, so he is usually the ring leader. Lee doesn't mind not listening when being told what to do. They share a passion for harvesting animals with bow and arrow. Eric has been hunting with Drury Outdoors for about 12 years and Lee about 5 years. Since they are related they are not really afraid to tell each other what is on their mind. Of course, they do not always agree; what fun would that be. But in the end, they have each other's back and will continue heading into the field together. Eric and Lee have traditionally focused on whitetails and more whitetail hunting, but elk fever is creeping in and they hope to get more opportunities to harvest monster bulls with their PSE's. As time passes and lives change Eric and Lee will always find a way to balance busy schedules and their responsibilities at home to find their way into the tree with a bow, a camera, and Angry Birds.

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