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Jared Lurk

Jared and Justin's love for, and understanding of the outdoors have been growing ever since harvesting their first whitetails as young boys under the supervision of their father John. Jared recognized at an early age that he needed to supplement his hunting knowledge by actively participating in the sport as well as reading magazine articles and watching outdoor videos. Since then, countless hours have been spent a field - watching, learning, videoing, taking Reconyx pictures of and understanding the sought after game. Justin, on the other hand, spent countless hours enjoying the another side of life … socializing, telling jokes, cheerleading for the Missouri Tigers, and laying out by his pool. The brothers where set on different paths, until the fall of November of 2006. Justin took a week's vacation and joined Jared in the southern Iowa whitetail world of GIANTS … and since joining forces - the rest, as they say - is 'video' history. They enjoy their active role on the Drury Outdoors team and will continue to lend their time, talents and work ethic to future television productions.

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