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Tom Massie

In 1968, a man by the name of George “Buzzard” Massie started the Gold Prospectors Association of America. It was his dream and his vision that brought the GPAA and Outdoor Channel where they are today. George spent many years developing a club where members could get access to claims all.

Over the United States to go prospecting. It was only a matter of time before he realized he should share his expertise in mining with the nation via television. So one day George and his son Tom (host of “Gold Fever”) went out with a camera and began documenting the “Buzzard's” prospecting adventures. After years of buying airtime on other networks, George Massie and his family decided to take the next step, and in 1993, they started Outdoor Channel. Later that year, George “Buzzard” Massie passed away leaving both the Gold Prospectors Association of America and Outdoor Channel to his sons, Tom and Perry Massie.

In the early years of Outdoor Channel, the Massie brothers produced several shows about Gold Prospecting including: “Buzzardite Classics,” “Prospecting America,” “LDMA Specials,” and “Alaska Expedition” specials. In 1996, Gold Fever was created and quickly established as the head stone of both the GPAA and Outdoor Channel. With such an established history, the name Gold Fever and Tom Massie stand as an icon for Outdoor Channel and Prospectors alike.

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