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Reese's Bites on Monday Nights

Presented by Reese's

7:00 PM - 2:00 AM ET

It's the most mouthwatering night in Outdoor Channel history, with three consecutive shows that showcase the culinary delights of wild food: the all-new series "Wild Fed", followed by "Dead Meat" and "MeatEater". The night also features the conservation heroics of "Wardens"; the critically acclaimed modern Western "Longmire"; "McMillan", starring America's favorite — and funniest — outfitter; and the always unpredictable exploits of Nick Hoffman on "Nick's Wild Ride".

The Shows

7:00 PM WildFed
7:30 PM Dead Meat
8:00 PM MeatEater
8:30 PM Wardens
9:00 PM Longmire
11:00 PM WildFed
11:30 PM Nick's Wild Ride with Nick Hoffman
12:00 AM Longmire
1:30 AM Dead Meat