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Hardworking Fridays

Presented by RAM

3:00 PM - 8:00 PM ET

If you love outdoor variety, "Hardworking Fridays" was created just for you. We've got exciting fishing action with Mark Zona, Steven Rinella, Doug Stange and Steve Pennaz. And plenty of heart-pounding hunts with Michael Waddell, Jim Shockey, Shawn Luchtel, Michael Hunsucker. and Jon and Gina Brunson.

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The Shows

3:00 PM Zona's Awesome Fishing Show
3:30 PM Pro Team Journal
4:00 PM Heartland Bowhunter
4:30 PM Addicted to the Outdoors
5:00 PM Michael Waddell's Bone Collector
5:30 PM Jim Shockey's Shock Therapy
6:00 PM In-Fisherman TV
6:30 PM Lake Commandos
7:00 PM Das Boat
7:30 PM The Canadian Angle