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Friday In The Field

Presented by Trijicon

1:00 PM - 6:00 PM ET

If you're a die-hard whitetail hunter, wingshooter or big game aficionado, you're in luck. "Friday In The Field" presents five high-intensity hours devoted to your passions. Hit the field with Michael Waddell, Hal Shaffer, Jim Shockey, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, Rick and Julie Kreuter, Cody and Kelsy Robbins, Chad Belding, Ron Schara and more.

The Shows

1:00 PM Michael Waddell's Bone Collector
1:30 PM Drop Zone
2:00 PM Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures
2:30 PM Crush with Lee & Tiffany
3:00 PM Live2Hunt with Cody & Kelsy
3:30 PM Beyond the Hunt
4:00 PM Whitetail Freaks
4:30 PM HeadHunters TV
5:00 PM Fowl Life with Chad Belding, The
5:30 PM Flush, The