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Thursday Night Hunts

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7:00 PM - 2:00 AM ET

"Thursday Night Hunts" puts the spotlight on some of America's most accomplished bow pros. Enjoy heart-pounding stick and string adventures with Mark Drury, Levi Morgan, Jeff Danker, Michael Hunsucker, Shawn Luchtel, and Don and Kandi Kisky. We'll also feature Western big game hunts on "Eastmans' Hunting TV"; and give you a real-life look at how outdoor television is made on "HeadHunters TV".


The Shows

7:00 PM Eastmans' Hunting TV
7:30 PM BuckVentures
8:00 PM Whitetail Freaks
8:30 PM HeadHunters TV
9:00 PM Heartland Bowhunter
9:30 PM Bowlife
10:00 PM Bow Madness
10:30 PM Inside Outdoors TV
11:00 PM Eastmans' Hunting TV
11:30 PM BuckVentures
12:00 AM Whitetail Freaks
12:30 AM HeadHunters TV
1:00 AM Heartland Bowhunter
1:30 AM Bowlife