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MidwayUSA Wednesday Night at the Range

Presented by MidwayUSA

7:00 PM - 2:00 AM ET

If you're going to go ballistic, might as well do it on TV! On the all-new series "Backyard Ballistics", YouTube legend Jörg Sprave and expert auto tech Cheyenne Ruether team up to design, build and test the world's most amazing backyard launchers. We also bring you the latest in guns and gear, exciting airgun action, shooting tips and self-defense strategies. The night features a full hour of "Shooting USA", hosted by the authoritative reporting team of Jim and John Scoutten.

The Shows

7:00 PM Backyard Ballistics
7:30 PM American Airgunner Challenge
8:00 PM Guns & Ammo
8:30 PM American Rifleman
9:00 PM Shooting USA
10:00 PM Backyard Ballistics
10:30 PM American Airgunner Challenge
11:00 PM Guns & Ammo
11:30 PM American Rifleman
12:00 AM Shooting USA
1:00 AM Backyard Ballistics
1:30 AM American Airgunner Challenge