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Strength of the Pack Mondays

Presented by Kioti

7:00 PM - 2:00 AM ET

It's the most mouthwatering night in Outdoor Channel history! Our talented outdoorsmen savor the finer things in life: hunting, fishing — and eating. Daniel Vitalis of "WildFed", Tommy Gomes of "The Fishmonger" and Steven Rinellla of "MeatEater" harvest wild ingredients and show off their considerable culinary skills. The block also includes an inside look at Michigan's conservation heroes at work on "Wardens", the critically acclaimed modern Western crime drama "Longmire", and the always unpredictable adventures of Tom McMillan on "McMillan" and Nick Hoffman on "Nick's Wild Ride".

The Shows

7:00 PM WildFed
7:30 PM Fishmonger, The
8:00 PM MeatEater
8:30 PM Wardens
9:00 PM Longmire
10:00 PM Gun Stories
11:00 PM WildFed
11:30 PM Nick's Wild Ride with Nick Hoffman
12:00 AM Longmire
1:00 AM Dead Meat
1:30 AM Fishmonger, The