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Wild Boar Fever ''The Art of Boar''

About The Show

Wild Boar Fever is one of the most popular and enduring global hunting shows of our time. Wild Boar Fever "The Art of Boar", hosted by legendary hunter and conservationist Franz-Albrecht Oettingen-Spielberg, takes viewers on a journey through 11 seasons of the record-breaking series. Watch monster keilers being taken at full pace, precision marksmanship which defies the laws of physics, and of course, many of the most famous scenes of Franz-Albrecht doing what he does best. Watch as Franz reveals to audiences for the first time what it was like starring in the most famous Wild Boar Fever scenes. This epic compilation of arguably the best driven hunting scenes ever filmed, is the ultimate showcase of what has made the show so popular. This, is Wild Boar Fever: "The Art of Boar".