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Meet The Host

Casey Keefer

Casey Keefer

Equal parts: Dad. Husband. Mentor.

5 Parts: Backcountry Hunter


Whitetail Fanatic

Bow Setter-upper

4 Parts: Trout Junky with a side of fly rod

Turkey Tormenter

Waterfowl Chaser

3 Parts: Penguins and Steelers Freak

Frank Sinatra Fan

2 Parts: Chicken farmer

BBQ Chef

Bourbon Sipper

1 Part: Neat Freak

Chris Keefer

Chris Keefer

Equal parts: Father. Husband. Brother.

5 Parts: Archer


Gym Nut

Wine Enthusiast

4 Parts: Penguins Fan


Steelers Fan

3 Parts: Fly Fisherman



2 Parts: Explorer


1 Part:

Grizzly Fan

Adam Raak

Adam Raak

Equal parts: Twin.

Kickass Husband.

5 Parts: 110% at Life

Outdoor Junky

4 Parts: Sub-Par Athlete

Loving Father

3 Parts: The Friend with a Ridiculous Laugh

2 Parts: Curly Headed Man

1 Part: Loving Extravert

Arron Bleise

Arron Bleise

Equal parts: #1 Dad.

Husband of the Year.

5 Parts: Whitetail Nut

Baseball Guy

4 Parts: Bow Mechanic



Bow Hunter

3 Parts: Michigan Wolverines Fan

2 Parts: Night Owl


1 Part: Video Guy

Cody Keefer

Cody Keefer

Equal parts: Husband. Dog Father.

5 Parts: Hockey Coach

4 Parts: Hockey Player

3 Parts: Softball Slugger

Left Field Pylon

2 Parts: Whitetail Newbie

1 Part: Miller Lite Regular

Jason Brown

Jason Brown

Equal parts: Husband, Father of Boys.

5 Parts: Storyteller




4 Parts: Designer of Mancaves

Road Warrior

Country Boy

Golf Junky

3 Parts: Go Blue!


Lab Owner

2 Parts: Music Lover

Bourbon Collector

1 Part: Michigander

Keegan Ziemer

Keegan Ziemer

Equal parts: Cheesehead. Dog-Father.

 5 Parts: Gearhead

Adventure Junkie

4 Parts: DIY-er

3 Parts: Backcountry Enthusiast

2 Parts: Turkey Whisperer

Kitchen Magician

1 Part: Data Nerd

Lee Vandenbrink

Lee Vandenbrink

Equal parts: Christian. Provider.

5 Parts: Enthusiast


4 Parts: Diligent

3 Parts: Competitive


2 Parts: Unconventional

1 Part: Outdoorsman