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Whether it's Clint Eastwood serving up his own brand of justice, or Brad Pitt fly-fishing off the rural banks of Montana, Outdoor Channel delivers all your favorite outdoor-themed movies every Friday night. When you want to escape, but can't travel further than your TV, saddle up for these classic tales of adventure, exploration and the great outdoors!

Winchester '73 - Airs Friday, January 1st at 9P ET and 11P ET

The journey of a prized rifle from one ill-fated owner to another parallels a cowboy's search for a murderous fugitive.

Fort Massacre - Airs Friday, January 8th at 9P ET and 11P ET

A cavalry troop finds itself under constant attack by Indians.

True Grit - Airs Friday, January 15th at 9P ET and 11:30P ET

A drunken, hard-nosed U.S. Marshal and a Texas Ranger help a stubborn teenager track down her father's murderer in Indian Territory.

Joe Kidd - Airs Friday, January 22nd at 9P ET and 11P ET

An ex-bounty hunter reluctantly helps a wealthy landowner and his henchmen track down a Mexican revolutionary leader.

Rio Grande - Airs Friday, January 29th at 9P ET and 11P ET

A cavalry officer posted on the Rio Grande must deal with murderous raiding Apaches, his son who's a risk-taking recruit and his wife from whom he has been separated for many years.

McLintock! - Airs Friday, February 5th at 9P ET and 11:30P ET

Rancher G.W. McLintock uses his influence in the territory to keep the peace between farmers, ranchers, land-grabbers, Indians and corrupt officials.

Support Your Local Sheriff - Airs Friday, February 12th at 9P ET

In the old west, a man becomes a Sheriff just for the pay, figuring he can decamp if things get tough. In the end, he uses ingenuity instead.

Support Your Local Gunfighter - Airs Friday, February 12th at 11P ET

A con artist arrives in a mining town controlled by two competing companies. Both companies try to hire him to drive the other out of town.

Wind River - Airs Friday, February 19th at 9P ET and 11:30P ET

A veteran hunter helps an FBI agent investigate the murder of a young woman on a Wyoming Native American reservation.

The War Wagon - Airs Friday, February 26th at 9P ET

The story of a man who was shot, robbed and imprisoned who returns to steal a large gold shipment from the man who wronged him. The gold is transported in an armored stage coach, the War Wagon.

The Cowboys - Airs Friday, February 26th at 11:30P ET

Rancher Wil Andersen is forced to hire inexperienced boys as cowhands in order to get his herd to market on time, but the rough drive is full of dangers and a gang of cattle rustlers is trailing them.

Hour of the Gun - Airs Friday, March 5th at 9P ET and 11P ET

When the Clinton-gang thugs kill Marshal Wyatt Earp’s brother for revenge, the Marshal and his friend Doc Holliday chase down the killers together.

El Dorado - Airs Friday, March 12th at 9P ET and 11:30P ET

Cole Thornton, a gunfighter for hire, joins forces with an old friend, Sheriff J.P. Hara. Together with an old Indian fighter and a gambler, they help a rancher and his family fight a rival rancher that is trying to steal their water.

Wyatt Earp - Airs Friday, March 19th at 9P ET and March 20th at 12:30A ET

The story of Wyatt Earp as he interacts and battles other famous figures of the Wild West era.

Out of Africa - Airs Friday, March 26th at 9P ET and March 27th at 12A ET

In 20th-century colonial Kenya, a Danish baroness/plantation owner has a passionate love affair with a free-spirited big-game hunter

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