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Friday Night Movies

Whether it's Clint Eastwood serving up his own brand of justice, or Brad Pitt fly-fishing off the rural banks of Montana, Outdoor Channel delivers all your favorite outdoor-themed movies every Friday night. When you want to escape, but can't travel further than your TV, saddle up for these classic tales of adventure, exploration and the great outdoors!

Road House - Airs Friday, June 26th at 8P ET and 10:30P ET

Dalton (Swayze) is a true gentleman with a degree in philosophy from NYU. He also has a flip side - he's the best bar bouncer in the business. When Dalton's brought in to clean up the Double Deuce, a popular establishment that become particularly rowdy, his calm is put to the test by the town bully.

North Dallas Forty - Airs Friday, July 3rd at 9P ET and 11P ET

A semi-fictional account of life as a professional (American-style) football player. Loosely based on the Dallas Cowboys team of the early 1970s.

The Missing - Airs Friday, July 10th at 9P ET and 11:30P ET

In 1885 New Mexico, a frontier medicine woman forms an uneasy alliance with her estranged father when her daughter is kidnapped by an Apache brujo.

The Cowboys - Airs Friday, July 17th at 9P ET and 11:30P ET

Rancher Wil Andersen is forced to hire inexperienced boys as cowhands in order to get his herd to market on time, but the rough drive is full of dangers and a gang of cattle rustlers is trailing them.

Necessary Roughness - Airs Friday, July 24th at 9P ET and 11P ET

Due to NCAA sanctions, the Texas State University Fightin' Armadillos must form a football team from their actual student body, with no scholarships to help, to play their football schedule.

Texas Rangers - Airs Friday, July 31st at 9P ET and 11P ET

A ragtag group of youngsters band together after the American Civil War to form the Texas Rangers, a group charged with the dangerous, ruthless duty of cleaning up the West.

The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral - Airs Friday, August 7th at 9P ET and 11:30P ET

Lawman and legend Wyatt Earp finds and unlikely ally in Outlaw Doc Holliday, culminating in their participation in the historical O.K Gun Corral.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - Airs Friday, August 14th at 9P ET and August 15th at 12A ET

A bounty hunting scam joins two men in an uneasy alliance against a third in a race to find a fortune in gold buried in a remote cemetery.

The Day of the Outlaw - Airs Friday, August 21st at 9:30P ET and 11:30P ET

Blaise Starrett is a rancher at odds with homesteaders when outlaws hold up the small town.

The Alamo - Airs Friday, August 28th at 9P ET

In 1836, a small band of soldiers sacrifice their lives in hopeless combat against a massive army in order to prevent a tyrant from smashing the new Republic of Texas.

Once Upon a Time in the West - Airs Friday, September 4th at 9P ET and September 5th at 12A ET

A mysterious stranger with a harmonica joins forces with a notorious desperado to protect a beautiful widow from a ruthless assassin working for the railroad.

El Dorado - Airs Friday, September 11th at 9P ET

Cole Thornton, a gunfighter for hire, joins forces with an old friend, Sheriff J.P. Hara. Together with an old Indian fighter and a gambler, they help a rancher and his family fight a rival rancher that is trying to steal their water.

The Shootist - Airs Friday, September 11th at 11:30P ET

A dying gunfighter spends his last days looking for a way to die with a minimum of pain and a maximum of dignity.

Wild Bill - Airs Friday, September 25th at 9P ET and 11P ET

The early career of legendary lawman Wild Bill Hickock is telescoped and culminates in his relocation in Deadwood and a reunion with Calamity Jane.

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