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Saving America's Monarchs

Saving America's Monarchs is an original documentary from Petersen’s Hunting, telling the tale of the conservation, preservation and re-introduction of the North American Elk, from the Ohio River valley to the shores of the Pacific. The film follows a traditional, tented elk hunt deep within the Rocky Mountains at the height of the rut. Interviews with staff from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation corroborate this tale of conservation and reintroduction. The documentary includes a discussion on the initial efforts of elk preservation launched by notable such as Theodore Roosevelt, Aldo Leopold and George Bird Grinnell and illustrates the original range of our elk herds, their decline by 1940 and the present state of reintroduction and expansion. We explore the challenge, the agony and the ecstasy of elk hunting, the deep traditions of the American west, and how a plains animal migrated to the mountains to escape the ravages of overhunting. We speak with those whose livelihoods depend upon the elk, like the local motel owner, the butcher that works for the meat processor, a guide and outfitter, and hunters from the west and the east for whom elk hunting is the ultimate outdoor experience. As the hunt reaches its conclusion, we end with the elk triumphantly resurgent. The future is bright, thanks to the cooperation between biologists and hunters, conservationists and politicians, locals and non-residents who all share a common purpose – maintaining America’s wildlife and wild places for the benefit of all.