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Montana Grizzly Attack Selfie Video Goes Viral

Harrowing grizzly attack described on Facebook by Montana elk hunter who survived the mauling; selfie video of the bloody aftermath has garnered tens of millions of social media views

By: Lynn Burkhead,

It's an elk hunter's worst nightmare, a sudden encounter in the mountainous woods with a female grizzly bear and two cubs.

Especially when that encounter turns into a potentially deadly bear attack, not once, but twice.

That's what happened to Bozeman, Montana, resident Todd Orr on the morning of Oct. 1 when he was reportedly attacked by a grizzly sow as he scouted for elk.

For anyone who might doubt the 50-year-old man's story, he's got the video of the attack's bloody aftermath – a selfie video taken with his phone, no less – to prove his harrowing tale.

WARNING: The video below is very graphic; lots of blood and severe body injuries. Video also contains some language some might find offensive.

According to various news reports on the attack, Orr surprised the bear and her two cubs at a distance of less than 100 yards. As the bear charged him, Orr was able to discharge his bear spray canister at close range.

Nonetheless, the bear continued the charge and attacked the hunter according to a social media post on Orr's Facebook page.

The selfie video shot by Orr has gone viral with tens of millions of people watching it in only a few days. Additionally, his harrowing Facebook description of the attack also is drawing plenty of attention.

Wildlife officials are said to be looking into the attack, but so far, they indicate via news reports that Orr just seems to have been unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Or maybe, Orr was actually a bit of a lucky man.

After all, there aren't too many people in the U.S. who can say that they have survived one grizzly bear attack.

And not many at all who can tell the world that they've survived two.

Editor's Note: An October 4, 2016, post on Orr's Facebook page indicates he is sore but recovering after the non-fatal grizzly attacks.

Orr indicated doctors have informed him he does have some nerve and tendon damage in his left arm. Surgery was scheduled to repair some of that damage.

"That damn bear ran me through the wrecking machine," Orr said in his Facebook post. "My arms are four different colors top to bottom."

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